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The BIG bus.

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Yesterday was the first day of Summer school for the boys.

I’m a pro at this, getting everyone on and off the bus, I mean we’ve been doing it since January.  When there was snow and ice and winter coats to deal with.  Right now it’s easy.  No coats.  No cold.  No snow.

The bus comes, collects my kids and away they go only to be dropped back at my doorstep 3 hours later.

Except yesterday.  Yesterday there was a different bus.

A BIG bus.

Like the kind real, big kids ride.

Except is was only my two little guys and their aide and the driver.

My two teeny, tiny, little, baby boys.

On a big, huge, bus.

I almost cried when I saw that bus.  That big bus.

I’m not ready for my kids to ride a big bus.

All the worries I had about them riding the little bus were gone long ago.

Wyatt walking up the steps like it was no big thing didn’t help matters any.  He’s got it all figured out that one.

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