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Help for my Achin’ Back

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I have had lower back pain for years, most likely caused by improper lifting and years of retail, I have taken a hemorrhoids treatment for a couple years as well . For awhile I was able to keep it under control with routine chiropractic maintenance but I’ve let that slide. Funny enough, the one time my back held up pretty well for me was during my twin pregnancy, the one time you’d expect it to be at it’s absolute worst.

A few weeks ago (is it already a few months ago?) I was invited to visit the Mall of America’s Brookstone store to check out their new Summer line of outdoor furniture and grilling gadgets. While I was sitting in the full body massage chair I noticed something out of the corner of my eye: The Koala HUG. It was some sort of back support that kind of molded itself to your body, it looked light and nonrestrictive. I filed it away and thought I might check it out after making the rounds but only after having lunch at my favorite Mall of America Restaurant. Just so you all know it isn’t my favorite because of the food, even though the food is pretty yummy. It is my favorite because they have the world’s absolute best margaritas. I’m sure you will all be surprised I never made it back to take a look. As luck would have it, I was contacted a few days later and asked if I would like to try out the Koala HUG.

Of course I would!

From Koala HUG:

Koala HUG from Brookstone

The Koala HUG Lumbar Support is the first anatomically designed lower back device that supports the lumbar spine without pressure on the abdomen, which is great for sports and for posture issues.

Sold at Brookstone, the Koala HUG Lumbar Support was created by a renowned orthopedic surgeon based on medical and orthopedic expertise to help relieve lower back discomfort. Koala Hug, co-founded by Dael Govreen-Segal M.Sc., a biomedical engineer, and Prof. David Segal M.D., began development in 2007.

The Koala HUG’s new anatomical approach to back bracing is ergonomically designed to provide firm yet non-restrictive support to reduce lower back discomfort while encouraging correct posture.

Since moving in mid-May I’ve had a lot of back pain flare-ups, hefting boxes every which way will do that to you. I’ve been using the Koala HUG quite a bit and I think it’s really helping me. My favorite part is the piece that puts light pressure on my lower back, right where I need it. I find myself putting it on for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour a day whenever I need a gentle reminder not to slouch or I want a bit of extra support for my back. It’s light, sleek and unobtrusive. It expands to fit with ease, both my husband and I have been wearing it and it takes seconds to get it adjust to a perfect fit for your body.

I’m glad I have this product in my bag of tricks to help my back feel better. It sure beats reaching for the bottle of Aleve!

Disclosure: I was provided a product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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