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EcoStore USA {A Review}

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Any Mom who uses cloth diapers knows that there are two things you will find yourself looking for at some point: cloth diaper friendly laundry detergent and cloth diaper friendly diaper rash cream. For a long time I was happy to use the free and clear varieties of whatever was on sale at Target. I’d run everything through two full cycles, once without detergent, once with a quarter of the detergent normally used and voila, clean diapers. We could go for months without absorbancy or stink issues and never saw a diaper rash.

At some point I started to look into the special detergents marketed towards cloth diaper users. I never saw any extra benefit and found myself running into more issues (stinky dipes, diaper rash) so I’d go back to my cheap free and clear. But, as we’ve learned, I’m always be on the lookout for something that is a little more green with fewer chemicals, but gets the job done.

ECOStore USA safe for cloth diapers landry powderNow, EcoStore USA doesn’t advertise itself as a cloth diaper friendly detergent, but I have read other cloth diapering moms experiences with it and they were mostly positive. The first time I used it I was kind of blown away. Many of the eco-friendly detergents I have used leave you with a less than fresh, not so clean smell at the end of your wash. The EcoStore USA Laundry Powder smelled nice and clean, almost bleach-y, but not. Overall, after 2 weeks of washing diapers, I have been very happy with how clean they are, no stinks or absorbancy issues at all.

We did happen to have all three boys break out in a diaper rash though. I’m reluctant to blame that on the detergent as we’ve had a nice heat wave up here in Minneapolis and it’s been difficult to stay cool in the humidity. As much as I hate diaper rash, this did give us the opportunity to try out the EcoStore USA Baby Nappy Balm.

EcoStore USA Baby Nappy Balm safe for cloth DiapersThe ingredients in the Baby Nappy Balm are: Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame oil, beeswax, Zinc Oxide and Horopito extract. It feels light on your fingers compared to every other rash cream we’ve tried, it goes on fairly this and seems to sink into the skin quickly. For the most part it’s worked well for us and we haven’t had any issues with it. Our diapers are still absorbent and nothing is staining.

I’m giving both of these products a thumbs up and will probably keep them in my cloth diaper arsenal. EcoStore USA is a brand you might not be familiar with. EcoStore was started in New Zealand 15 years ago and has just recently moved into the US market. They have a wide range of green products, from Household cleaners to Bath, Body and Baby Care as well as Pet Care products.

You can learn more about EcoStore USA on their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their newsletter on their blog.

Have you used any EcoStore USA products? What has your experience been?

Disclosure: I was provided the above products from EcoStore USA with the purpose of doing product reviews. All opinions are mine.

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2 Comments on “EcoStore USA {A Review}”

  1. 1 rea said at 11:43 am on March 12th, 2012:

    Recently I ordered bunch of items from this site
    was pretty satisfied with their customer services
    BUT! I got two bottles of dog ear cleaner which that EXP 2010 !
    their response was just refund of $5.60 without any apology or explanation
    ECO store? WHAT ECO????

  2. 2 Ecostore USA {A Review+Giveaway} | The Slacker Mom said at 12:38 am on April 22nd, 2012:

    […] learned in the past 3 years is that I definitely do better with a liquid detergent.  There was one powdered detergent that I loved and never had issues with (the rash issue I talk about was later attributed to […]

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