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Make Plans, God Laughs.

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Isn’t that what they say?

We’ve been waiting for my sister to have her baby for weeks. Things didn’t seem to be moving along and she finally had a plan to get things going on Monday evening, followed with an induction on Tuesday if she didn’t deliver over the weekend. Friday night I texted her one last time before I went to bed. She was having contractions, nothing significant. I told her I’d finish my packing in the morning.

When I woke up there was a text saying things were moving along and they were headed to the hospital within the hour. I called my Mom and sister and they jumped into action packing and finally arrived at my house a little after 11 where I had a total anxiety attack and insisted I wasn’t going. Seriously, what is up with this anxiety lately? It’s paralyzing!

We finally got on the road around 12 and were texted her husband and then we got a text that said “STOP TEXTING, WE ARE BUSY HERE” We figured she was having some contractions and kept driving. Around 2:30 our phones all beeped and we opened them to see a baby.


Our jaws all dropped to the floor. Fresh baby. Pretty awesome.

We didn’t have to worry about wasting time waiting for a baby to be born I guess! We got to Kansas City a little after 8, checked into the hotel room, freshened up a bit and then made our way to the hospital, where we were rear-ended while waiting to turn. It felt like we were never going to get to see this baby.

But we did. And she is perfect. Lots of dark hair, delicate features, tiny fingers and toes. She is simply gorgeous.

Excuse this picture quality- not sure what is up with my point and shoot

And here we are on Tuesday, the day we expected to be driving down for this new baby celebration. And today she is coming home. I could not be prouder of my sister, she did an amazing job.

Congratulations Ryon and TJ. Delilah Grace is just lovely.

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One Comment on “Make Plans, God Laughs.”

  1. 1 kitchenblogic said at 2:38 pm on July 13th, 2011:

    Dang! Your sister delivers right! No muss – no fuss – get 'er done! Congrats Auntie Erin!

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