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Sunday Bloody Sunday

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Yesterday I went to the Twins game with my Mom. It was a pretty good time, sitting in the sun, enjoying the boys of summer. My Mom loves her some Twins, I mean, what woman doesn’t love to watch the likes of Scott Baker, Joe Mauer and Joe Nathan?

I have one word: Hot.

Yesterday was also the day I *could* have been at the U2 concert. I have loved U2 since I was in Junior High. I wore out my tape of Rattle and Hum at least once. I have a special place in my heart for the often loathed Zooropa. I have never had the opportunity to attend a U2 concert and it’ll probably be on my list for the rest of my life.

So, why wasn’t I there?

Because I skimmed a PR pitch. A pitch I was sent TWICE, just to make sure I had received it. A pitch I responded to, thanking them for the opportunity but declining because we had “a busy week at Casa de Slacker”. (A busy week of being sick and hot as it turns out.) In reality I was tired, stressed, had a new baby to hold and was contemplating giving up reviews and giveaways altogether and just plain didn’t care in the moment what it was for.

I offered up the name of a fellow local blogger but was told they were waiting for confirmation from another local blogger they had contacted. I felt good about this particular exchange because I was following through, I was paying it forward by promoting another blogger, I wasn’t just hitting archive and not acknowledging the pitch.

But, I didn’t *really* read the pitch, at least not the part where it said I’d be going to the U2 concert with other moms for a Moms Night Out.

When I was clearing out my inbox the next day I re-read the initial email and it’s attachment. Then I re-read and read it again. Then I banged my head against the wall for awhile. What the hell was I thinking? Obviously that would have been the biggest thing ever to hit this little blog I’ve got over here.

So, instead of sitting in the rain enjoying a band I have loved for almost 20 years, I was hanging at home with my husband and kids. It’s not a bad second choice, but really…U2!!!

I will now be reading every pitch that comes my way, in detail, no matter what it is for, whether I’m interested in doing a review or giveaway or not. I don’t want to miss the next big thing that might be hiding in there.

I guess I’ll chalk this up as another blogging lesson learned.

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