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Thank You, DirecTV.

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I found this hanging around in my drafts and figured I should publish it at some point. Now is as good a time as any…right?

Last night was a rough night. Well, not *last* night, maybe a month or so ago. Just go with it. Actually, reading back through this, I think we may have started a downward spiral of bad habits. Maybe i should call this Eff You DirecTV instead?

(Moving on.)

It was a rough night…

Around 1am I heard the telltale retching of our cat. Hairballs were coming, there was no doubt about it. At the Duplex I’d usually turn over and go back to sleep. That’s the beauty of not having carpet- you just clean it up in the morning, no muss, no fuss. Last night, however, I leaped out of bed to investigate. Where did she DO IT!!! It took me forever to find her latest indiscretion, but I found it. In the living room. On the laminate. No carpet was harmed.

Thank the Lord.

A quick clean up and back to bed I went.

Around 2am I hear one of the boys crying. It sounds like Lincoln and I kind of pushed Yogi Dad out of bed to go see what’s going on- telling him to “bring him in here if you need to”. The last thing I wanted was 2 or even 3 kids awake and screaming at 2am. A few minutes later I realize both are screaming and I jump out of bed to see what the deal is.

It wasn’t good. Both boys were in full-on crying jags that are reserved for the middle of the night. I grabbed Lincoln and headed to the couch. Yogi Dad grabbed Wyatt, the more inconsolable of the duo and headed for our room.  A few minutes later, Lincoln calmed down enough and slid off my lap and wandered into our room. He then climbed into our bed, lay his head on my pillow and pretended to snore.

PRETENDING!!! (All three of the boys pretend to snore now. It’s hilarious.)

If it wasn’t 2:30am I would have been so much more excited because really, PRETENDING!!!!!

Wyatt was still a mess. We changed diapers. We gave them milk. We rocked and walked and cuddled and sang songs and nothing was working.

Finally I asked Yogi Dad to turn on the TV. Find anything kid related and go sleep on the couch, I’ll sit here with the boys. After about 45 minutes of Babar and Chuggington they were both chilled out enough to go to their own beds.

Can I get an AMEN?!

This never could have happened if we hadn’t switched to DirecTV.

Adding the second receiver in our bedroom was something I balked at when we first talked about it, but it’s been a perfect solution to many problems.

During naptime I can fold laundry in there while everyone sleeps and still catch up on all the DIY shows. If it’s an early morning and I want a few more winks I gather my brood and turn on PBS. If it’s getting late and the Twins are headed into extra innings, we lull ourselves to sleep with the baseball game.

It’s freaking awesome!

So, thanks DirecTV. For getting us through a rough night, lazy mornings, naptime and extra innings.

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post, all opinions are my own and this is a totally true story.

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One Comment on “Thank You, DirecTV.”

  1. 1 Meredith said at 2:55 pm on July 25th, 2011:

    We've had DirecTV for awhile, but right before Lizzy was born I found a DVR on eBay and it was seriously the best investment ever.

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