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Greening my Thumb with Safer Brand {Part 1}

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When we moved into our house in May, we were excited about one thing more than anything else: the yard. It is fairly standard for an urban yard (both the front and back are the size of a postage stamp) and it seemed like a good fit for some newbie gardeners.

Because we moved in the middle of May, our options for planting were pretty slim. When we had first toured the house back in March, there was about a foot of snow covering everything so we really had no idea what we were dealing with. It became really obvious what our projects were going to be as soon as we saw the yard sans snow. We basically had an idea of what we wanted and no clue as to how to make it happen. We were given a green light to do as we pleased.

Our first project? Growing a lawn from seed.

The previous owners (or tenants) had put down that black gardening tarp and covered the entire thing with mulch. There were patches of weeds growing through in some areas, but for the most part it was a mess of torn tarp, rocks, weeds and mulch. Not what I pictured my boys playing on when I first imagined them frolicking in the back yard.

So, we tore up that mess over Memorial weekend to the tune of 30+ bags of yard waste (backyard only) and put down grass seed. The next weekend we did the same with the front.

This was after 1 week of growth, the heavy areas are weeds, but there is a bit of tender green grass coming up:

notice the stuff growing through the fence on the right?

(Notice all those bushes coming through the fence on the right?)

It’s been slow but steady progress and we were looking pretty good in the back (the front is still pretty sparse) until we decided in early July to trim whatever was growing through the fence all the way back so we could get an extra 2-3 feet down the right side. Now we have a nice bald spot all along that side.

To help fill it in, we’re trying out the Safer Brand Magic Start Grass Patch. I’m hoping that the grass seed/ fertilizer/ mulch combo will get it going quickly so maybe by the end of the summer we can have a more uniform look back there.

Right now the yard looks like this, notice the bald area near the fence? I wish we would have thought about taking those out 2 months ago!

Also notice the bald spots by the fence

And this is a close-up of the patch (you can kind of see that it turns green when you water it).

It turns green when you water it so you know it's working!

Next week a certain someone is turning 1 and I’m hoping we have a little something to show off back there.

Coming up over the next few months: We try our hand at growing vegetables and herbs, we’ll show off our landscapiing skills (all adopted and transplanted plants!), what we’re doing to keep our Hostas hole-free and our weeds at bay and eventually (cross your fingers!) a post where we show our bounty.

Disclaimer: I was provided products from Safer Brand to use in my gardening projects. All opinions of these products are mine and all questionable gardening practices are my husbands. Just kidding. Those are mine too.

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2 Comments on “Greening my Thumb with Safer Brand {Part 1}”

  1. 1 erinclot said at 12:56 pm on August 3rd, 2011:

    Ahhhhh, my first STOLEN POST! Yippeee….seriously, WTF?

  2. 2 Salt in Suburbia said at 9:54 am on August 7th, 2011:

    So nice to meet you last night. I can relate to this post. I always think it’s going to be easier to grow grass/flowers/vegetables etc. than it really is. Grass from scratch is challenge for sure,especially when you’ve got shade! Looks like you’re making good progress, though! Good luck with the new house.
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