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Halloween 2011

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First off- I am not a pumpkin artist. I’m a triangle nose and jagged-y tooth grin kinda girl. I will not be breaking out the dremel drill or any special chiseling tools or printing instructions off the internet. We couldn’t even find the pumpkin carving knife last night when we were hacking into these things at the last minute.

Second. I like grandma candy. Junior Mints. Those peanut butter kiss things in the orange and black wrappers. Necco Wafers. I know- I’m like the worst house on the block! Well, we weren’t so bad this year- I had Twizzlers and M&M’s and Mini tootsie Roll Pops. If Target had the peanut butter kisses you can bet I’d have had those.

Super edited pumpkin shot 2011

It wasn’t hard to choose costumes this year.

The past two years I’ve been happy dressing the boys up as various animals and they have been very cute. But this year, I figured since they have a favorite super hero, why not let them BE that super hero.

Obviously that super hero is Super Why (Super power? The power to READ. Natch.) it couldn’t be anyone else. Well, maybe Caillou, but he’s hardly a super hero.

Wyatt was very excited to get into his costume when the time came but Lincoln took the cake. He saw the costume and started to giggle, then he started to chew on his hand as his is want to do when he gets excited, then he was very helpful in getting dressed. He was all business. We also got them a set of gold grillz because they thought they were awesome. You can get a set of gold teeth from jewelry stores.

Neither of them wanted to wear the eye mask, but that’s OK- they still had on their capes!

Super Why Halloween Costumes 2011

Judah was a bit harder to figure out this year. I wanted something cute, something a little different, and something that fit his little bowling ball personality.

We dressed him as a Gnome.

The fact that the 2T/3T costume barely fit his stout little bow-legged body made it even more perfect.

Garden Gnome Costume 2011

Previously when we had tried on the hat, he ripped it off immediately.

Tonight when I showed it to him in the mirror he just smiled and left it alone. He didn’t touch that hat or beard for the rest of the night! What a trooper. I almost didn’t want to take off his costume because it was just too freaking perfect!

We headed out just before 6 and made our way to about a dozen houses in the neighborhood.

We were back in time for milk and bedtime songs. I can still hear Lincoln and Wyatt playing in their room, hopped up on stolen Skittles. My little wreaking ball is sound asleep.

I hope everyone had a safe and fruitful Halloween!

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5 Comments on “Halloween 2011”

  1. 1 julie said at 9:29 pm on October 31st, 2011:

    Did you let them sleep in their costumes??

  2. 2 KadburyIs said at 9:34 pm on October 31st, 2011:

    Awesome! Sounds like they had a great night : )
    My recent post Pumpkin Carving 101…

  3. 3 Salt in Suburbia said at 10:06 pm on October 31st, 2011:

    Ahh you gotta love those Junior Mints! And who doesn’t love Super Why? How perfect too, since one of your twins is named Wyatt!
    Salt in Suburbia recently posted..Trick or Treat!My Profile

  4. 4 Angie said at 12:02 am on November 1st, 2011:

    oh my gosh.. what a cute Gnome! 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

  5. 5 Steph said at 5:43 pm on November 1st, 2011:

    VERRRRY Cute!!! You boys are adorable! I've not seen a Super Why costume — great!!! I love that Super Why kid! 🙂
    Visiting you via A Little Inspiration Halloween link
    -Steph http://www.pendantsbysteph.blogspot.com

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