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Jade Yoga {A Review}

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When the boys were coming up on their first birthday, Yogi Dad and I sat down to figure out what we were going to get them for this special occasion.  You only turn 1, once!  We wanted the gift to be something that was special, something that had a little meaning, something that we would remember six months down the road.

Becasue Yogi Dad has such a huge love for yoga, he suggested we get them each their very own yoga mat.

As soon as he suggested it, I was totally on board.  We had been doing yoga almost nightly since they were very small, it was an obvious choice.  Of course there was no doubt what brand of yoga mat we would be getting as Yogi Dad had fallen in love with Jade Yoga mats and only Jade Yoga mats would do!

Jade Yoga Mats- family yoga night!

Two years later, we still roll out the mats as a family.  Following with our tradition, Judah got his own mat for his 1st Birthday just this past summer.  We may not do yoga every night, but we do it often.  Some days the boys sit and let us help them with poses, some days they lay on their mats and relax, other days they just like to unroll all the mats and leave them in a big pile.  What can I say- they’re toddlers!

As far as yoga experience goes (at least in my house) I am a total amateur.  Yoga is definitely Yogi Dad’s realm of expertise.  The best thing (in my opinion) is the stickiness of the mat.  Jade Yoga mats are natural rubber and you get a grip that you just can’t get with other mats.  There is no slipping of the mat and your feet stay firmly planted, right where you want them.  I don’t have nearly the balance I did before I had kids, so anything to kelp me is a huge plus!

Yoga is also one of the things that ties in with Autism.  A lot of schools offer Yoga Therapy for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  We haven’t enrolled in any classes yet (I think we need a little more attention span) but I am so glad that we already have a common therapy built into our routine.  Our boys are comfortable with the mats and blocks and poses, I imagine one day this will be very helpful for them.

Jade Yoga and Birthdays at our house go hand in hand, so obviously when I started planning this event, Jade Yoga was one of the first things to pop into my mind.

Jade Yoga is giving away a $35 giftcard to one of my readers during the Birthday to Black Friday giveaway event November 12th-25th.  This is an excellent opportunity to check out one of their wonderful mats!  Not into Yoga?  Use it as an exercise mat.  Mine has been pulling double duty this week as I attempt the 30-Day Shred (again).  Feel free to pass this along to your Yogi friends!  Tune in the week of the 12th when this giveaway goes live!

Disclaimer: I was provided a product for review.  All opinions are my own.

Birthday to Black Friday


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