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Let’s Dish {A Giveaway}

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My Top 5 favorite things about Let’s Dish:

#5 Fundraising: You can host a private party or event at Let’s Dish. One of the first times I went to Let’s Dish was for a Breast Cancer fundraiser. I got to dish a single dish at a discount and raise money for a good cause.

#4 Coupons and Dish Rewards: There is always a great way to save during your session, either through a coupon code for $$ off your order or for and extra meal thrown in for free. You just can’t beat it! Each session also gives you Dish Rewards that you can use like cash towards your next session.

#3 Dish-N-Dash: No time to dish? They’ll do the dishing for you and have it ready for you to pick up!

#2 The cost per serving: $98 might seem like a lot for 4 meals, but when you consider it’s not processed or fast food and each meal easily serves 4-6 people the cost per serving is from $4.08 to $6.15. If you book an 8 or 12 meal session, those numbers go down even lower!

#1 The menus: they change each month and they do a great job of keeping customer favorites in the rotation by doing polls on Facebook.

So….are you excited? Me too!

Click here for the giveaway:

Birthday to Black Friday

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