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Carbonite Online Back-Up {A Review+Giveaway}

by Erin Clotfelter on 12/06/2011

Before we had the boys, we didn’t have a digital camera.  I was vehemently against the thought of one, all the digital pics I had seen to that point were pretty terrible.  Of course soon after they were born we bought our first one.  We wore that thing out, as parents tend to do when they have their first child.

Everything was diligently uploaded to our computer and then left.  I think I have a hundred or so pics that were actually printed out.  Quite a few were uploaded to the blog of course and some to Shutterfly to share with the family, but nothing consistent.

Then, our hard drive crashed when they were like 9 months old.  And we lost everything.  I was in hysterics for about a week.  We had lost every picture of the boys.  Gone.  Poof.

Pre-kids I would have been worried about things like losing the thousand or so albums we had uploaded to our iTunes account, but things were different now.

We’d talked about getting a back-up system in place plenty of times, but we never had.  It was always one of those things we were going to research or wait until we had some rainy day money for but we waited a bit too long.

Now I have Carbonite.

Carbonite logo

– 13% of hard drives fail each year
– 50% of computer users have lost or accidentally deleted files from their primary computer
– Approximately 2 million laptops are stolen every year, and 2% are never recovered

(Why Online Back-Up)

Carbonite is an online back-up system that automatically stores your documents, settings, email, pictures and music.  After the initial back-up was done (which take 3-4 days) I was able to go back in and add all the videos and anything else that wasn’t saved.  They even make it easy by putting a little colored dot on each item so you know if it’s already been backed-up.

It was so much easier than I thought it was going to be!  Because Carbonite works in the background and goes to sleep while you are active on the computer, you don’t notice a slow-down at all.  Everything is saved just as it is on my computer so I can easily navigate where to find it if I need to.  I couldn’t be happier!

I know I’m not the only one who has deleted an important email or lost precious memories because of an ill-timed hard drive crash.  Because of this, Carbonite is offering a 1 year subscription for unlimited Online Back-up ($59 value) to one of my readers!  Who out there needs a safe and easy back-up system that is no-muss, no-fuss?

To enter this giveaway, please fill out the Rafflecopter form.



Disclosure: I was provided a product for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.

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