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I know, you’ve all been holding your breath, waiting for me to update with a picture of my Christmas tree.

Well, here she is in all her thrown together glory.  (I swear this looked more in focus when I took it.)

I pulled out all of our ornaments and as I said in a previous post, we didn’t put up a tree last year, so there were a lot of new things that had never been used.

I went with a pastel-y vintage-y theme this year with purples, greens, blues, gold and matte silver.  All  my German glass ornaments  and of course some of my favorite Christmas gifts ever- the White House ornaments!

My tree-topper is a little top heavy and kept tipping over so I had to make due with some little wreaths I had.  My quilted angel doesn’t match as well this year.  I haven’t decided if I will put a skirt on this tree just yet.  We’ll see how the cats behave around the tree in the next week or so, if they don’t we would have to get the Best cat carrier to let them sleep there so they don’t destroy everything while we sleep.

Clotfelter Family Christmas Tree

I’m not a photographer.  (I don’t even play on on TV.)  I’m not going to go all crazy setting up shots with a tripod and looking up how to make my lights turn into little bokeh snowflakes or even how to photograph lights.  This is The Slacker Mom…I didn’t even pay too much attention tot he focus apparently!

That little swag in the background?  Our very sad and empty card holder.  Just waiting for cards to drop into our mailbox!

And that my friends is the total extent of my decorating this year.  It’s better than last year- if you can believe it.

Now I want to see yours.  Leave a link to your tree so I can Oooh and Aaaaah over your fab  tree trimming and mad photography skills.

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2 Comments on “Trimmed.”

  1. 1 Salt in Suburbia said at 4:14 pm on December 6th, 2011:

    Ok, I just have to say that until now, I didn't know anyone else with the White House Christmas ornaments. We have all of them back to 2002 (plus one from 1998). I also have a box of 12 German glass Christmas ornaments (we got them as a wedding gift). Our trees must look eerily similar when decorated 🙂 Also, can I ask, where did you get the card holder? I have been looking for one like that for awhile.

  2. 2 erinclot said at 4:27 pm on December 6th, 2011:

    That is awesome! I think we probably have the same set of 12 Germanglass ornaments- they are a big thing for brides (I think). My WhiteHouse ornaments go back to 2001, our 1st Christmas together. I loveopening it every year and seeing what is new! So far, 2007 is myfavorite- the one with the wedding (Is it Grover Cleaveland?). I haveto stop myself from snooping to see what this years will be!I got my card holder at Bibelot on clearance one year- I thought itwas simple enough and it's lasted for what, 6 years now? Not badconsidering it's usually being tossed into a bag because it's the lastthing I take down and everything else is put away!

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