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Daydreams at the Jewelry Counter

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Are you a jewelry person?

I’m decidedly *not* a jewelry person. Other than my rings, I rarely wear any jewelry at all. I love jewelry, don’t get me wrong. But, I’m a wash and go kind of girl. When I wear jewelry I look like I raided my moms jewelry box or something. Accessorizing is best left to my sister, the stylist.

Judith Ripka $25,000 sweeps ends 12-22-11

But this time of year, when everything is all glittery and sequin studded, I kind of wish I was a jewelry person. I wish I had drawers full of colored stones and a closet full of accessory worthy clothing waiting to be dressed up. Not to mention a reason to get dressed up and kids who didn’t threaten to pull on every shiny thing they see (but that is besides the point).

Judith Ripka double drop earringsThis time of year I love to linger a little longer at the jewelry counter, imagining myself slipping on a pair of bold earrings as we get ready to walk out the door to a fancy New Years Eve party. Once there people would gasp at their vibrant color and ask me where I got them. I’d smile as my husband handed me a glass of champagne just as the clock struck midnight…..

Back to reality.

I don’t even remember the last time I saw the other side of midnight on New Years Eve and I’m pretty sure if I did it involved a restless infant, pajamas and possibly a nice local craft beer.

A girl can have her dreams, and my holiday jewelry dreams are hinging on winning the $25,000 Judith Ripka Giftcard Sweepstakes sponsored by Continental Diamond a local jeweler right here in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

You can enter too by clicking here and liking them on Facebook:

$25,000 jewelry giveaway

(Sweepstakes ends on December 22, 2011)

So, are you a jewelry person? Do you drip diamonds whenever possible? Silver or gold?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. I am not a jewelry person, although I do have visions of nervously clutching my pearls as my son skates down the rink to score the winning goal of the Minnesota State high School hockey game, so, there is that.

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One Comment on “Daydreams at the Jewelry Counter”

  1. 1 amy v said at 9:15 pm on January 15th, 2012:

    I LOVE jewlery but it seems like forever since I've been able to wear any-w/ an almost 12 month old who loves to grab pretty, shiny things like necklaces and earrings! I've started to wear some a little more and just am really careful. I generally balance it out–a big necklace and no earrings or small earrings. I love to bring in a pop of color w/ jewlery-bring to life an otherwise 'drab' or 'blah' outfit!! 🙂

    annae07 at aol dot com

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