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Mother-ease {Review+Giveaway}

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Cloth diaper giveaway event!


Welcome to day three of 30 Days of Dipes! Today is sponsored by

I will be reviewing and giving away a Mother-ease Cloth Diapers Sandy’s cloth diaper and Airflow cover. Make sure you also check out Lori’s review of  Modern Cloth!

The Dirty Details:

The Mother-ease Cloth Diapers Sandy’s System consists of three parts: the Sandy’s cloth diaper, the Sandy’s Absorbent liner and the Air Flow snap cover.  I was interested in this diaper because it seemed like a fitted diaper that might actually fit my boys for quite awhile.  The weight limit on the Sandy’s size 2 diaper is 35lbs, all of my boys currently top out around 30lbs.  Until this past year I hadn’t ever used a fitted diaper and I find them to be an extremely important part of my stash, but most of them don’t seem to be big enough to handle larger infants or toddlers.  Considering we’ll probably have the boys in diapers for the foreseeable future, I need my diapers to grow with them.

Day Use: 2 Bums Up

Overnight Use: 5 Bums Up

Ease of Use: 4 Bums Up

Quality: 4 Bums Up

Overall: 3.75 Bums Up

Daytime Use:  This diaper brings new meaning to the term “fluffy butt”.  Where most diapers are trying to be trim, this diaper is bulky and it makes no excuses.  I had to relegate this diaper to nighttime use because it just didn’t work under any of the boys clothes.  There are no absorbancy issues, I never had any leaks.  I just need my diapers to fit under clothes.



Overnight Use: For me, this is where the Sandy’s System shines.  Pajamas don’t have the same fit issues so that wasn’t an issue here.  The Sandy’s Diaper, plus the Sandy’s Absorbent liner are almost enough to get through the night.  I added an extra infant prefold in and it was a phenomenal nighttime diaper.


Ease of Use: The Sandy’s System has side snaps which I find fairly easy to navigate.  The breathability between the Sandy’s diaper and the Air Flow Snap Cover is a perfect match.

Quality: I think the Sandy’s System diaper is great quality.  The unbleached cotton terry is soft on my kids and it washes up really well.  The Air Flow cover is so light and almost flimsy, I have to admit, I am afraid it’s going to get ruined every time I wash it but so far it’s doing great!  The system together creates a totally breathable diaper that is a plus- especially when dealing with a rash or during the hot summer months.

Overall: I think the Sandy’s System is an exceptional diaper for nighttime use and if you can get past the sheer size of the diaper I think you might really like this for daytime as well.

Buy It!

Mother-ease Cloth Diapers is going to give one of my lucky readers a Sandy’s System!

Please go to the 30 Days of Dipes page and follow through to enter this giveaway.

Thank you and good luck!

Disclaimer: I was given product for the purpose of a review, all opinions are mine.

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10 Comments on “Mother-ease {Review+Giveaway}”

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    […] 30 Days of Dipes – Organic Flip Tweet Welcome to day three of 30 Days of Dipes! Today is sponsored by Modern Cloth. Modern Cloth is a mom-owned business based in Charleston, SC. The owner, Heather Post, is a cloth diaper advocate who hopes to help other families come to love fluff as much as she does! Thanks to Heather, I will be reviewing and giving away an Organic Flip diaper. Make sure you also check out Erin from The Slacker Mom's MotherEase review today!  […]

  2. 2 Rachel said at 10:04 am on January 3rd, 2012:

    My LO is really skinny, so the bigger the diaper the better her clothes fit.

  3. 3 trsutton82 said at 2:11 pm on January 3rd, 2012:

    I love the pants with elastics in the waist. We wear a lot of "leggings" style pants too. But my faves are jeans that have the adjustable elastic. That way I can get a nice fit on her waist but still slip over the diaper easily.

  4. 4 Amanda Edwards said at 10:27 pm on January 3rd, 2012:

    Meh, I just deal with the fluffy butt. As Emmaline is becoming a walker, I appreciate the extra padding ; )

  5. 5 kate mcdearmon said at 11:56 pm on January 3rd, 2012:

    we have not ventured into cloth at night. i have a very heavy wetter at night, but this might be the way to go. thanks!

  6. 6 Danea T said at 3:04 pm on January 4th, 2012:

    I find I like pants with an entire elastic waist, but now that he's getting into toddler sizes it's harder to find pants like that so I prefer them to have adjustable elastic in the waist.

  7. 7 Tiffany said at 12:46 pm on January 9th, 2012:

    I have no tricks since my LO doesn't arrive until April, but I'm interested in learning some!

  8. 8 Julie B said at 3:16 pm on January 9th, 2012:

    We aren't expecting our baby until the end of March so i don't have any tricks to share, but I am finding all of these diaper related posts very helpful. Thanks so much for the giveaways and information!

  9. 9 Tiffany said at 3:44 pm on January 9th, 2012:

    I often would go a size up in pants to accommodate the fluff! When just at home, my little one often went without pants and just wore baby legs!
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