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$20 Co-Pay

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Every year we sit down and look at our insurance when it’s time to renew and figure out what the plan is.  In years we are planning on trying to conceive (Don’t worry mom…we kept our normal plan this year!) we ratchet up our coverage a bit so we aren’t hit with a heavy out of pocket on delivery day.  In years we are not, we drop it down a bit.  We’ve been very fortunate to be healthy and in 3 years of having kids have only had a handful of visits outside of our wellness visits, we rarely hit our deductible in non-baby-making years.

Thankfully, for us, health insurance is little more than a few co-pays and a monthly premium.  We are lucky.

I always wonder what it would be like to not have affordable medical insurance.  When we went to the hospital with Lincoln to have his head looked at after he fell down the stairs at my in-laws a few weeks ago, all I could think during the intake process was: this is a breeze, I bet this would be different if I didn’t have insurance.  While we probably would have had the same level of care, it would have been more difficult to get in, a longer intake with a squirmy toddler, not to mention the judging looks are something I am happy to not have to deal with.

When my sister first got sick last year, she did not have medical insurance.  After a few days of being really sick, she went to Urgent Care, was told she had the flu, given some Tylenol and sent home.  She had specifically asked if she might have meningitis.  My mom, a nurse, asked if she might have meningitis.  She was talked down to and treated like an idiot who came running to urgent care at the slightest fever and sent on her way.

A week later she was admitted to the hospital.  With meningitis.  For a MONTH.

If you think you don’t get treated differently because you don’t have insurance, you might be wrong.  The UC doctor could have sent her to the ER for further testing, but she didn’t.  She sent my sister home.  With Tylenol.  Yesterday was the first anniversary of my sister being hospitalized.

We are so thankful that after everything she went through- which required months of rehab to relearn how to walk and eat and basically get through day to day living, that she was eventually able to get the care she needed.

I cannot think of a time in my life where I haven’t had medical insurance.  Until that event last year, I totally took it for granted that I always had a family or a job that gave me full coverage health insurance.  I think everyone should have medical insurance.  I don’t think it’s just for those who can afford it.  I don’t think it is just for those who are fortunate to not have pre-existing conditions.  When I say everyone, I mean everyone- even people who are completely healthy.

Health insurance for individuals should not be something that gets put on the back burner so you can pay your rent or feed your family.  Health insurance is a basic need and should be available to everyone who wants it, at an affordable price.  You never know when you might get sick- no matter how healthy you are.

This post was written with consideration for Brentt Taylor.

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9 Comments on “$20 Co-Pay”

  1. 1 Beth R said at 11:45 am on January 21st, 2012:

    I agree. I feel so lucky to have insurance and we just budget a little differently. Our co pay did go up this year but still not as bad as not having any. My mom didn't have insurance for a while and they actually sent her home so drugged up she couldn't even walk. I couldn't believe they let her leave in that state. When she got we actually had to physically pick her up to get her up the stairs. I think it is ridiculous because they do treat patients different if they don't have insurance

  2. 2 julie said at 3:45 pm on January 21st, 2012:

    Beth, I dont' know where you are from, but that is unacceptable for an institution to give someone poor health care because they do not have insurance. I work at a well known hosp. in Minneapolis. We do not treat people differently if they do not have insurance. Everyone gets the same treatment. In fact we get a lot of people come to our facility because of the treatment they get. But I would like to think that all hosp. in MN treat everyone the same.
    I'm sorry that happened to your Mom, that is not right.

    Julie( Erin's Mom)

    Good choice!!! I don't think I could go through another pregnancy with you LOL!

  3. 3 amy v said at 6:03 pm on January 21st, 2012:

    that's terrible! unfortunatelynpeople are incredibly judgemental….but also fortunately there are others who aren't. i think it's so wrong to look down on others for that or for any reason- clothes, job, etc but we all know it happens. people come from all walks oflife and who is anyone to judge? i know of only one Judge who can/should be doing that!! (He's been around since the beginnig of time after all). 🙂

  4. 4 julie said at 8:17 pm on January 21st, 2012:

    Erin, I think it was more incompetence on the Dr. than Jenna not having insurance. She just did not listen to her or me I did not like her approach at all.
    But then Allina came through and picked up the tab.

  5. 5 Texas Momma said at 10:53 pm on January 21st, 2012:

    I feel ya on the not getting the same care and feeling like you're being judged for not having medical insurance. My husband lost his job about a month after I quit my full time job. I was a teacher & started subbing. He carried our health insurance & I was trying to get pregnant so we thought I'd scale back my working and prepare to stay home when after I had the baby. We thought it'd be easier than me having to quit mid year if we couldn't time it where I gave birth in the summer. Well, we didn't know he'd lose his job in September, right after I quit mine in August. Or that I'd end up pregnant the first time we tried to conceive…in September. So there we were, pregnant and me working sporadically for $100/day. We tried to get private health insurance (my parents were going to pay for it) but NO ONE will cover you if you're already pregnant. I went through so much to try to get good prenatal care for myself & my child, it was exhausting. We barely had enough money to buy groceries & pay the rent, but were told we didn't qualify for medicaid the first time we applied. When I was about 6 months pregnant we applied again, I had quit working so we would qualify. I finally got to see a doctor, thankfully my baby was developing well. My personal ob never treated me differently because I was there on Medicaid, but after my child's birth the pediatrician we were seeing did. He totally dismissed me as a parent, told me to quit breastfeeding and sent me home with formula samples because my son hadn't gained back his birth weight with in a week of leaving the hospital. He was in the NICU for a week with a fever after a long, complicated birth, he'd had trouble getting latched & I was working with a lactation consultant in the hospital. We were doing really well, but he'd lost almost a pound and a half of his birth weight, that takes some time to put back on! The pediatrician didn't want to hear it, I was honestly scared he'd call cps if I didn't take the formula and promise to stop nursing so I did. Promise that is, I went home determined to prove him wrong! I spent the next two weeks at home with my son attached to my nipple 24 hours a day. We went back and he'd gained almost 2 pounds in 2 weeks! The dr was like, "see all he needed was some better nutrition!" I told him i'd thrown the formula away & it was my breastmilk that had made my son gain those 2 pounds! He was speechless, and I got to walk out with his mouth hanging open! Thankfully my husband had gotten a new job just before my son was born & our new insurance kicked in when he was just shy of a month old so I didn't have to return to that dr! I have never again been without health insurance, until this past month. My husband started a new job and there was a 1 month waiting period before his insurance could start. We'll be fully insured again on Feb. 1st and I can't wait. It's nerve wracking with 3 kids running wild, me worrying one of them is going to get hurt or sick and we'll be stuck with the full bill. But this time, I know we could afford it if it happened. That's the difference in being uninsured and poor at 23, and uninsured and better off at 31! =)
    Thank you for letting me share, this is a very touchy subject for me!

  6. 6 Elizabeth said at 12:13 pm on January 22nd, 2012:

    This is such an important issue. I feel so lucky to have decent insurance now, because I grew up with none. It wasn't as awful 25 years ago to be uninsured because the prices for most office visits and procedures were much lower, but it still was hard. And sometimes we ended up sicker because we would try to stay home and not go in for a medical visit unless it seemed absolutely necessary. Insurance coverage is a very tricky and very politically charged issue but it really does affect everyone. I'm grateful to have good coverage now, but I'm aware that it is still not something we can completely count on, as it would disappear if my husband were to lose his job.

  7. 7 Leah said at 10:05 pm on January 22nd, 2012:

    I can't imagine what I would do without health insurance. I've been lucky that I have never had to experience it.

  8. 8 Rebecca said at 9:30 pm on January 23rd, 2012:

    I had no insurance for about a year and I was so afraid of getting sick, luckily I was overall healthy.

  9. 9 Jena said at 2:24 am on January 25th, 2012:

    I had a few years without health insurance, two years of grad school and one year after. Then I married my husband and moved to Canada. Luckily, I didn't need insurance in the years I didn't have it, and our health care in BC is great–I never had to pay a dime out of pocket for the hospital birth of my daughter in 2010, nor the hospital visits afterward when my gallbladder was causing trouble (and they finally took it out). I think they'd even cover midwife/homebirth expenses, if we had a midwife around here.

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