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30 Days of Dipes: Blissful Booty {Review+Giveaway}

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Cloth diaper giveaway event!


Welcome to day number 23 of 30 Days of Dipes! Today is sponsored by:


30 Days of Dipes Blissful Booty

Today I am featuring the Perfect Pocket diaper by Blissful Booty.  Jen over at Life with Levi is also featuring the Perfect Pocket diaper and Lori is reviewing the Blissful Booty Wipes Concentrate!  Be sure to check out all 3 giveaways and of course our sponsor of the day: Blissful Booty!

The Dirty Details:

The Blissful Booty Perfect Pocket diaper was right off the bat a bit different, simply because it has a bamboo terry fleece insert instead of a regular old microfiber insert.  I don’t know a lot about bamboo but I was interested in seeing what it could do, the insert was the thinnest insert I had ever seen and I was a bit skeptical about it’s powers of absorption.


Day Use: 3.5 Bums Up

Overnight Use: 2.0 Bums Up

Ease of Use: 3.5 Bums Up

Quality: 4.0 Bums Up

Overall: 3.25 Bums Up


Daytime Use: The Blissful Booty Perfect Pocket preformed on par with most of the pocket diapers I have tried.  It’s great for daytime when the boys aren’t in the diapers for an extended period of time.  The double leg gussets help to keep any wayward leaks from going out the side.  this is especially important for certain poop situations. Or so I have been told.  Ahem.

Blissful Booty Perfect Pocket


Overnight Use: For the most part, I have given up on pockets for nights.  At least when they are only stuffed with one or two inserts.  While the bamboo insert was great for daytime use, it was hardly sufficient for nights.  This may not be an issue for a smaller/ younger baby.  Remember, I am talking about 3 boys who all weigh in around 30lbs and they are all champion wetters.


Blissful Booty Perfect Pocket

Ease of Use: This was easy to stuff and fairly easy to snap.  I do like the more rounded pocket opening at the back, I feel like it keeps inserts from peeking out and wicking.  There are three snaps and an overlap option on both the right and left flaps which is not typical.  I have a tough time with 3 snaps on squirmy kids- I can never line everything up correctly while trying to get them to hold still.  If snaps aren’t your thing, this diaper comes in Aplix as well.

Blissful Booty Perfect Pocket


Quality: This diaper has some nice features- the double leg gussets are always a plus, the option for snaps or Aplix, he ability to crossover from either side not to mention the bamboo insert.

Blissful Booty Perfect Pocket


Overall: I think this diaper is on par with most pockets I have tried.  It gets the job done for daytime, struggles a bit at night when used as-is (but has plenty of room to stuff with extra inserts).  The extra added touches are nice and help to set it apart from diapers that are similar.  *Be sure to prep your bamboo insert 8-10 times by itself before introducing it to your microfiber- the oils from the bamboo can cause absorbency issues with the microfiber!

Buy It!

Blissful Booty is giving away a Blissful Booty Pocket Diaper to one of my readers!

This giveaway is open to US only!

Please go to the 30 Days of Dipes page by clicking the button and follow through to enter this giveaway.

Thank you and good luck!

Don’t forget to check out the 30 Days of Dipes giveaways at www.thegnomesmom.com and www.lifewithlevi.com!
Disclaimer: I was given product for the purpose of a review, all opinions are mine.

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3 Comments on “30 Days of Dipes: Blissful Booty {Review+Giveaway}”

  1. 1 Kristine Woodring said at 12:57 pm on January 23rd, 2012:

    Thank you for the review! I'm really excited to try a Blissful Booty Pocket Diaper. I have already tried a few of their products including an all in one diaper and I love everything I've tried!

  2. 2 Nicole G said at 4:15 pm on January 23rd, 2012:

    This is the information I was looking for.

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