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And then I ate my weight in almonds… | The Slacker Mom

And then I ate my weight in almonds…

by Erin Clotfelter on 02/09/2012

Welcome to week 6 of the Breastfeeding Blog hop! This week we are talking snacks- as we all know, once that baby gets here and starts nursing, it takes extra calories to keep you going! So tell me, what are your Top 5 Breastfeeding Snacks?

After two hyperemesis pregnancies where I could barely eat or drink it was most humorous to me that once I gave birth, I was insatiable. I was losing weight like crazy and I was eating more than I could remember eating in my entire life. What I wouldn’t give for that to happen now!

Before the twins were born I had read that it was important to snack to keep my energy up and keep my supply going. Before we left for the hospital I had a nursing and pumping station set up at the end of our couch. I had a little basket giftbag (I’m classy) full of snacks to fit any of my cravings right next to the couch so I didn’t have to get up. It was perfect!

With Judah I didn’t have the luxury of having a fully stocked nursing and pumping station because I also had two toddlers running around. I felt like I hardly snacked at all when I was nursing Judah. I think I survived on nothing but coffee the first 2 months. How times change!

My favorite snacks (in no particular order):

1- Flavored Almonds– Wasabi Soy, Balsamic, Salt and Pepper…you name it, I was eating them by the handful.

Almonds: The perfect nursing snack!

2- Cheese– lots and lots of cheese (obviously this was not kept by the couch)

Breastfeeding makes me crave cheese

3- Crackers– Town House Bistro Flatbread crackers to be exact. I was known to plow through a box every 2 days. Until I found the Blue Diamond Nut Thins!

Once you have one, you can't stop eating them!

4- Cascadian Farms Chocolate Chip Granola Bars– I don’t know why but once I started eating these, all other granola bars were off the list. I can thank my sister Ryon for this one- she brought me box while I was in the hospital 😉

They taste like heaven

5- Instant Oatmeal– Lots of it. I like the Oat Revolution packets because they have Flax seed in them but I pretty much ate whatever oatmeal I could get my hands on. Old Fashioned, Irish, Steel Cut, Instant, Quick…I always tried the natural remedies for pumping up my supply and oatmeal always tops the list!

another perfect breastfeeding food

What is on your list? What are your go-to snacks while breastfeeding? Link up your post and be sure to check out the other hoppers on this week’s Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by Happiness Redefined, The Gnome’s Mom and Me!

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