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Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom

Welcome back to the Breastfeeding Blog Hop!  This week we’re talking about something that we have all had to deal with at one time or another-  First Time Jitters: Leaving your Baby in the Care of Someone Else.  Whether it be to run out and get your haircut and have lunch with the girls or if it’s the first day back at work- it happens eventually and for the breastfeeding mom it can be a mixed bag of emotions.  So link up with your stories of success (or failure- we’ve all been there!).

There is something about my husband that makes me completely crazy in love with him: he’s really good with fussy babies.

Like when I am ready to tear my hair out, he’s all calm and sure of himself.  He’s got it all under control.  I never worried about leaving him alone with the boys- even if I was walking out the door to a chorus of hysterical screaming.  I knew he’d take it in stride and I’d come home to some happy smiles.

I still found it very difficult to leave them for a different reason.  The twins were reluctant nursers and they were never exclusively breastfed, so I always had one eye on the freezer stash and could calculate just how many days it would take to build it up from a single hour-long trip to Target.

That was my hurdle.

Any breastmilk that was used before I went back to work was breastmilk I was going to struggle to replace.  I hated that struggle even more than I hated the struggle to breastfeed them in the first place.  The closer I got to going back to work, the lower the freezer stash got and the more defeated I felt.

To this day my heart races and my palms sweat thinking about building up a freezer stash and rationing out ounces so they don’t go to waste and trying to make sure there is always enough for the next feeding, and frankly- I’m not sure the stress is worth it to me.  When your baby eats 8 ounces at a feeding and you can pump 2-3 ounces at a sitting…someone is going to be hungry!

I’ll just pray the next time around my supply shapes up and I never have to bring pumping into the equation!

So tell me, what did you worry about the first time you left your nursing baby with someone else?


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2 Comments on “Freedom?”

  1. 1 Shannon Stubbs said at 11:51 pm on February 23rd, 2012:

    I was never able to pump very much either, which only made me not want to leave her. Most of the time, if I had to leave her, I would have to leave formula just in case, and that just wasn't okay with me. I felt like a failure if I had to give her formula because I couldn't pump enough, so I just didn't leave her if I could help it. I am pregnant again now, and I pray every day that I have a more abundant supply so I don't have to worry about it. There was nothing worse than the day my sister in law says, oh yeah, I had a freezer full by the end of the first week. Gee, thanks, my milk didn't even come in until the end of the first week! I hope the next time around your supply shapes up too 🙂
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  2. 2 Suzanne ~ Natureduo said at 9:50 pm on February 24th, 2012:

    I had no worries at all UNTIL I called home! Nothing like a screaming baby on the other end of the phone to make you feel awful!
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