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Brain Dump.

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I am struggling today.  Bad.

I want to eat EVERYTHING I see.  And if it wasn’t for a tiny shred of willpower- I might.

It started yesterday when I was pulled out of the pool to go get Judah because he had diarrhea, 20 minutes into my workout.  I had been stressing about how I would know if they needed me to come get him and I guess I have my answer- they just come right to me.

Last night was a crazy night and I ended up getting Chinese takeout for dinner.  I know- bad.  Especially since I didn’t have a workout to balance it out.

Then we got a nice blanket of heavy wet snow which makes you just want to curl up with a book on the couch and eat gooey dessert-y things all day.  And the gym lost power.  And Judah is on day 6 of “The Intestinal Event” so I probably wouldn’t have gotten to the gym today anyways.

And so I was eating- a cookie here, a piece of chocolate there…no veggies, only a few glasses of water.

Tomorrow has to be better!

As for Judah.  Seriously- 6 days of this crap (literally) because he ate a dozen prunes?  His pediatrician said he won’t be worried until we get to 2 weeks.  I can’t deal with this for 2 weeks.  We are pushing starch like crazy and it’s not doing a thing.  We added kefir in this afternoon, hoping that makes a difference.  Yogi Dad also made the executive decision to switch him to disposables for the time being.

Speaking of diapers.  Woolies!  I got two more pairs and I am in love with them.  I got a blue soaker with a mustache appliqued on the butt and a pair of dark green longies.  The temptation to switch to all wool is great.  Also- check out My Eco Baby on etsy.  She is awesome to work with and so reasonably priced!

We finally (FINALLY!) got curtains up!  We’ve only lived here since what, May?  It’s like a different house.  I like it.  Well, until the boys started pulling on the curtains and the hardware pulled right out of the drywall.  We added anchors tonight but that doesn’t seem to be making a difference.  Crap.

Oh- and Google Friend Connect goes away for my tomorrow.  So if you are subscribed to read here through GFC, you should probably switch it over to my RSS feed instead.  Which you can still read in your Google reader, but it’s a different subscription…I don’t know.  Just one more way Google will rule the world.  But seriously.  Subscribe.  Don’t miss anything.

I might have to give into the cookies.  They are calling my name.  Or the chocolate.  Maybe a bowl of oatmeal would be a better choice.  Why am I so hungry?!



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3 Comments on “Brain Dump.”

  1. 1 mdenise said at 1:23 am on March 1st, 2012:

    I hope you get through the two weeks in one piece. And in a few weeks time you'd be sharing to your friends and laughing (proudly) at how you got through with it.:)

  2. 2 Jessica said at 9:39 am on March 1st, 2012:

    FIrst off I switched to the RSS feed 🙂 So I definitely will not miss a thing. And secondly I was the same way yesterday. I Honestly think it was the snow – the hibernation of us has started (albeit late this year).

    I was carb loading yesterday – I had 2 lunches (Yes I said 2 lunches), and we had chicken and pierogies for dinner….and brownies for dessert. Hoping for a better day for the 2 of us today! and I hope that Judah feels better.
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  3. 3 Marta said at 1:55 pm on March 1st, 2012:

    Good luck! I know how hard it is when you have a break from the good behavior to fall back to old habits. I know sooo sooo well how hard it is. I haven't yet been able to get back to the good habits, but I'm moving that direction slowly. I know you can do it!
    My recent post Without Words

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