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Meet The Slacker Mom!

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It’s week one of The Gnome’s Mom’s new Monday blog hop- Manic Mommy Monday!

Manic Mommy Monday!
Since it’s still all shiny and new and because she is taking this opportunity to introduce herself, I thought I’d introduce myself to those who may be new. (This might get a little stream of consciousness on you, it’s late and I am tired.)

So, I’m Erin. I live in Minneapolis. I have curly hair. I hate it. Seriously, not all curls are created equal (can I get a what-what from the curly girls?). I was also blessed with a nice gray streak at the age of 21. A horrible combination if there ever was one. Wow- I am really hating on my hair today…

I should move on.

I have three boys. They were born 21 months apart. My youngest is 19 months old and I look at him and thank my lucky stars I was not pregnant for the last 7 months because oh holy hell that was hard to have infants while pregnant! Not to mention it was hard having three kids under the age of 2. Did I mention his older brothers are twins?

What am I saying? It couldn’t have been that bad. We’re still talking about having another one so either we have both lost our minds or we are just really cocky and think we could actually handle it. I’m not getting any younger, we’d rather have our kids all fairly close in age and get out of the baby stage ASAP and move on. Also, we really love being stretched to our physical and mental limits and we are pretty sure one more would stretch us just enough. (I’m sure my mother will say we are stretched enough as it is.)

Well there it is- our reproductive dreams out there for all to see. Maybe I should address something a little less personal?

Why The Slacker Mom?

So- there seems to be this rush to choose a camp (crunchy mom, alpha mom etc.) and obviously, I chose the slacker mom camp. It’s not original but it’s totally true, I was even mailing it in when it came to researching a name for my blog. I said I wanted to call it HalfAssedMom and Yogi Dad (my husband who is in no way a slacker) said “no way”. So I typed in TheSlackerMom instead and huzzah, the domain was available. (In a strange turn of events I was recently followed on Twitter by HalfAssedMom. She was smart)

And then a few months later I realized everyone and their mother has SlackerMom somewhere in their domain name. There was even a book- Confessions of a Slacker Mom or something like that. (It took a long time to knock those Amazon listings off the top spot in a Google search let me tell you.)

So what makes me a slacker mom?

– Pajamas- if we aren’t going somewhere, everyone is in pajamas all day long. If they ditch their PJ’s and run around in nothing but their diaper- as long as the diaper is on, I really don’t care. This is absolutely a regular thing- like multiple days of the week if at all possible.

– I am 1 month behind on the 18 month well-visit for my youngest. I completely missed his 15 month. The twins are 4 months behind on their 3 year visit. What? They are all scheduled for this month. Promise.

– I never got around to buying snow pants for the youngest because winter was so mild I was hoping we might not need to. Of course now there is snow on the ground and no snow pants to be found. I should know better.

– I’m OK with the boys watching TV (although now it is rare). They have had plenty of sweets in their young lives. I got over my self-imposed all fresh all organic all scratch made foods thing really quickly. I need to pick my battles and fighting over food is not going to be one of them.

– I take the path of least resistance. If they are destroying the kitchen, I put up a gate and lock them out. When they were tearing apart their dresser every night we put all three beds into one room and the dressers into the other room and called it the “Family Closet”. Never-mind teaching them right from wrong, I need whatever is going to be less of a mess for me to pick up.

I could go on all day!

More about me…I cloth diaper and am a complete addict. Lori has me switching over to wool and I get excited just thinking about it.

I’m fairly liberal and am easily riled up by things like abortion, gay rights, conservatives thinking they corner the market on morality and talk show hosts calling women sluts simply because they take birth control. Among other things. Usually that all plays out on my Facebook page if you want in on the action.

I was kind of obsessed with the idea of breastfeeding which has never actually worked really well for me. Ironic that someone that is so gung ho would have such a crap supply. I’ve worked through most of my guilt and fears and pain and sadness over that through the Breastfeeding Blog Hop last year, I honestly started to get physical pain and had to get a prescription pain relief treatments in order to feel better.

My twins have Autism- so that can be a big theme over here, on the flip-side, sometimes it’s so all-consuming that I don’t actually write about it.. I now host the hop each Thursday and hope that everyone finds as much support as I did.

I recently joined a gym and am trying to get into better shape before we jump back into TTC. I’m having mixed results- although that widget over on my sidebar isn’t synched or something because it takes like 3 days to register a loss which kind of makes me think it’s holding my bad eating choices against me. Like if I lose a pound somehow it thinks because I had 6 glasses of sangria over the course of the weekend I must be ling…I hate that widget.

Anyways. Me in a big ol’ nutshell. Are you linking up?

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3 Comments on “Meet The Slacker Mom!”

  1. 1 Lori said at 8:39 am on March 5th, 2012:

    Meh, if you're a slacker mom – I'm definitely a one quarter assed mom over here.
    My recent post Meet The Manic Mommy! – Manic Mommy Monday 1

  2. 2 Sarah Jane said at 10:25 pm on March 5th, 2012:

    I too wear pajamas all day if I don't have anything going on that day, and my 18 month old just wears a cloth diaper, which is an outfit in my mind.
    My recent post Feeling Burnt Out with Nursing

  3. 3 lianemarkus said at 10:35 pm on March 6th, 2012:

    It is really nice meeting the slackermom and good thing you have decided to share to us this very informative post. This really helped me a lot in identifying here.
    My recent post Fab Defense

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