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It’s the Little Things

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Have you ever noticed how it’s the little, seemingly minute details that make your life just a little bit easier?

– Having all of your kitchen towels fold up to be the same size so they are easier to stack
– Reusable grocery bags that don’t need an origami lesson to fold back up
– Pot holders that aren’t too small or stiff to be practical
(Can you tell I am looking at my kitchen right now?)

There is (and probably always will be) one area that I constantly fall short- polite correspondence. You know,  Birthday cards, Thank You Notes, any kind of anything that doesn’t require me clicking “send”. Aside from having terrible handwriting, I always seem to get as far as addressing envelopes and then get distracted and then 6 months later find a pile of Christmas cards that never got sent out.

One step in remedying this was to switch over to pre-printed address labels.  (This would be the little detail that makes my life easier.)

Up until about a year ago I just used whatever came to me free in the mail from my insurance company and whatever charity organization happened to send them. They weren’t always pretty, they didn’t always have the exact name I wanted (sometimes just me or just Yogi Dad). But they were free and they did the job, so I used them.

But lately I want something cute, so I’ve been checking out my options at Tiny Prints. (Because in my mind if I order it from Tiny Prints my life gets instantly easier.)

Like this one:

Or maybe this:

Or maybe a little more pink with a hint of Missoni:

Definitely better than what I get free in the mail!

So tell me- what is your favorite design from Tiny Prints?  I’d love to know because I’ve got a hot little giveaway for one of you!

Be sure to check out Tiny Prints on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for their latest designs and ideas.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Tiny Prints.


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