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It’s the Thought That Counts. Right?

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As terrible as I am at getting out cards- I can be even worse about shopping for gifts for my husband.  I am going to take these tips from guest poster Sam Peters and put them to good use!

Last Minute Gifts For Your Husband

You’ve been a slacker and waited until the day before the big night to buy your husband his gift. You feel pretty bad, he even has your gift already! If you’re in this situation, don’t despair. Instead, take these helpful suggestions on some great last-minute gifts to buy your other half.


Yes, men use accessories too! In fact, accessories are a great last-minute gift to buy your man. Examples of male accessories include: belts, rings, wallets, watches, ties, handkerchiefs, cuff links, and many other items. All of these are affordable gifts that you can get in a pinch if you’ve waited til the last-minute. In addition, each and every one of these gifts is a classic gift that can be personalized to your man’s specific tastes.

Does your husband like sports? Consider a pair of football cufflinks. Does he like rodeos? Buy him a new calfskin leather belt. Does he like rings? Remember that rings for a man are different than for women, be sure to pick ones that match his personality!


Another great thing to buy your husband is a new gadget. Gadgets are interesting new products that people may enjoy using. For example, an electronic corkscrew is a gadget. A solar iPad charger is another example of a gadget (or you could just get him an iPad!). Gadgets are fun to play with, and are available at most stores. While you may not be able to get the exact gadget you want at the last minute, you should still be able to find a cool gadget when you need it.

Gift Cards

Do not underestimate the power of the gift card. If in a last-minute pinch, a gift card can do wonders. Gift cards are so easy to obtain. Your husband will enjoy the gift card; men think of gift cards as practical gifts, an ideal they highly value. No man will turn down a gift certificate for a free massage. Gift cards to his favorite restaurant or store are also a good choice. Of course, you could also really blow him away with a gift card to a hotel chain, letting him plan a future vacation.

So, if the clock is quickly counting down to your gift-exchanging event, hurry up and go buy something, now that you know what great gift options are still available to you.

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