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The Flood

Posted: March 21st, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Parenting | Tags: Hyperemesis | 2 Comments »

Over the weekend, the twins were sick.

It started Friday night and we blamed it on a little too much sugar and fun. It continued through Saturday and Sunday and then finally had to admit they might have a bug of some sort.

Then I woke up sick on Monday morning.

After about an hour in the bathroom I was in full on panic mode. After another 3 hours of not being able to sit upright for more than a few minutes or stand for a few seconds I was quickly losing hope that I might be able to handle another HG pregnancy.

I was in tears telling Yogi Dad that I don’t think I could do it. How would we get by? How would I deal with 3 kids while being sick all the time every day for months on end?

Last time we had a nanny. I had help if I needed it. I could check out and let things happen around me.

Now I am here alone. The boys have school and therapy.

There is no checking out.

Thankfully Yogi Dad is a voice of reason and pointed out that we didn’t need to make a decision right that moment- when I was in the thick of being so sick.

I have said it before and I will say it again- I have wonderful Momnesia. I am able to forget pretty much everything horrible as soon as they are born. It’s the sole reason I am able to believe I can endure it all again.

I have never had those feelings come flooding back like they did on Monday.

It feels like this dream of a 4th baby is slipping away very fast.

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2 Comments on “The Flood”

  1. 1 leah said at 12:26 pm on March 21st, 2012:

    🙁 I'm so sorry Erin. Momnesia is very strong, as are you. Even without a nanny, I think it's possible!

  2. 2 Marta28 said at 5:27 pm on March 21st, 2012:

    I think you can do it. If you want a fourth, you should go for it. Is there any possibility you won't be THAT sick? I was terribly god awful dying sick with Ben but only had slight morning sickness with Bella. I think you can find a way to make it work if its what you want. =)
    My recent post Stay.

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