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Losing weight is hard.

They all tell you one thing when you start this journey- only do one new thing at a time.

Of course I thought they must be wrong. I mean eating healthier and adding more water to the routine go hand in hand. Right? Working out isn’t something I’m going to put off doing just because I started eating healthier either- why can’t these things be started at the same time?

Because it’s too much right off the bat.

I tried.

I failed.

I went 2 weeks without hitting the gym (yes we were sick and it was crazy but it felt horrible to miss 2 weeks). I stopped logging my meals on My Fitness Pal, I bought a huge jar of Nutella, and I was back to sipping on a single cup of coffee all day.


I made a promise to get back to the gym on Monday morning, start a new week fresh. Clean slate. I did it and my swim was awesome. Wednesday’s was too. I hope tomorrow continues the trend.

The numbers are steadily going in the right direction. Not huge jumps, my goal is 1 pound a week. The goal is for the scale to NOT go up. Obviously.

So right now, although I am trying to keep meals in check, I am focusing on getting the gym to be a habit. Not something I pussyfoot around and then ditch at the last minute. I was really good so I am kind of sad that I skipped 2 whole weeks.

The meals will tighten up since we really are paying attention to what we are eating and I hope to get back to adding everything into MFP soon so I can see if I am going overboard (or if that beer is in my future after the kids go to bed). Nutella is off the menu.

Water…I have to figure this one out. I drink hardly anything during the day. I literally drink one 16 ounce cup of coffee from 7am until dinner. I have to figure out the water thing, if for no other reason than it’s not healthy to only drink 16 ounces a day!

So, there you have it.

I’m about 2 months into this journey. I’ve dropped 6 pounds and I have 46 pounds to go.

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5 Comments on “Detours”

  1. 1 Beki said at 10:48 pm on March 29th, 2012:

    Jason will disagree with me 100% on this one, but my trick for water is LOTS of cups, all over the house. It's annoying, yes, but that way, I actually drink it. I also try, if I'm getting a second cup of tea or a Diet Coke, I drink a whole cup of water first. I also hear that if you add lemon or cucmber, it's better. I'm too lazy for that.
    Also, keep a water bottle in the car. I drink a lot of water while I drive. If it's there, you can drink it.
    Good luck. I need to start on at least ONE of these steps myself- except water. I am a well-hydrated individual, who needs to lose weight.
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  2. 2 Laura P said at 7:18 am on March 30th, 2012:

    I wrote a similar post about my struggles just the other day. Today I am keeping my goals simple: water and tracking. My goal for tracking doesn't include staying under my daily number, it's just to track everything that goes in my mouth.

    As for the water, I've found that I drink a lot more when I have a cup with a straw. Childish I know but it's so true! Each cup holds 16oz and when I use that straw cup, I go through at least 5 or 6 a day. I also find that I drink them pretty fast. Give it a try, maybe that would work for you too.

  3. 3 leah said at 3:17 pm on March 30th, 2012:

    Detours at least bring you back on track! 😀

  4. 4 Marta28 said at 7:23 pm on March 31st, 2012:

    I'm two weeks in and on the third detour day. I was great those first 11 days. I logged all my food everyday, ate healthy and small portions, went to the gym almost every day and was down 4 lbs. Then Thursday I had Happy Hour and didn't go the gym and ate lots of appetizers and had two drinks. Then Friday I splurged on lunch and then went out for a friends birthday and ate and drank a lot and again no gym. Now today after two days of being "bad" I didn't go the gym because I am too tired. And we just had pizza hut for dinner. And once you slip up its so hard to continue on the bad path. The scale said I'm up two lbs already. How does it fluctuate so much so fast?

    Here's to hoping we can both get back on track!
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  5. 5 Julie said at 2:09 am on April 3rd, 2012:

    Nothing else than exercising and 4l of water everyday! That's the secret key of success, there aren't any wonders. Yes, it is hard.
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