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Manic Mommy Monday!

This is going to be all over the place.

My ‘a’ key doesn’t seem to be working. It’s kind of driving me crazy to have to re-type or go back over all my words with a’s in them. Last week it was the ‘m’ key and a few weeks ago the space bar. I suspect many small sticky fingers are to blame.

Spring Break was last week. I’m so glad it’s over. Everyone is in a mood lately and I just get edgier and edgier the longer I have to listen to the whining and crying a screaming. No one is very happy. Nothing can get done because everyone needs constant supervision. So nothing gets done and we sit and listen to screaming and crying.

One of the things I am trying to get done is my super-awesome play-room revamp inspired by Pinterest and sponsored by ClosetMaid. If things continue like this I will never get it done. I have such high hopes but little time to actually work on it. See previous paragraph.

It was a weird winter and even a weirder spring so far. It’s hot. It’s cold. It’s sunny. It’s rainy. Everyone is stuck in this yard work limbo (Do we plant? Do we wait?) it’s making me crazy because it feels like we’re just throwing away all these lovely weekends and beautiful days. Just in case it freezes again.

The forecast for tonight says it will freeze.


The last month has been up and down on my healthiness journey (The Year of Erin). I got to the gym every day I wanted to last week and had awesome swims. Today I had another one. I feel like if I can get a few more weeks of this under my belt I can call it a habit. I’m tying to work in strength training but it’s hard. I need a buddy. I hate strength training. I also feel like any more than 3 trips to the gym a week and I’m taking away from family time. Yogi Dad is in bed by 8pm, how can I leave when we put the boys to bed at 7? This is a mental hurdle I need to get over because it’s going to turn into an excuse- “I can’t go to the gym because…”

Speaking of my healthiness journey. I threw my hat into the ring over at PriorFatGirl.com to be the “Next PriorFatGirl. I think there is one more week of introductory posts and then there is a voting round to see who moves on. I’d like to have a place to write about this that has an active community to spur me on support (and hopefully not tear me down in the process) so I’m excited at the thought of joining the ranks over there. (If you go over there and read the posts, they aren’t including links to our blogs in this round so keep that on the down low.)

Giveaways! I’ve got some! If you are a cloth diapering mom you probably already know the Great Cloth Diaper Change is coming up on the 21st and to celebrate that I have a handful of cloth giveaways planned int he next few weeks! On Saturday the Giggle Life Bamboo Pocket Diaper giveaway sponsored by BizzingBea.com went live. Check that out on my Current Giveaways page if you are interested.

Alright. How was that for manic?

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