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SodaStream {A Review}

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A few years ago I was reading a food blog and the writer was talking about how the newest thing in her neck of the woods was to have fresh seltzer water on hand at parties for mixing drinks.  It sounded good to me, if not expensive.  My husband and I are always fans of “something fizzy”.

From www.sodastreamusa.com

When I heard of the SodaStream I was intrigued!  Would it be as easy to use as they say?  Would it be as fizzy as I like?  Would the soda flavors taste anything like what I imagine them to taste like?

Well, yes, yes, and no.

The SodaStream is really easy to set up and use.  Screw in the CO2 cartridge, screw in a bottle of cold water and press down the button 3 times.  It really can’t be easier.

It did take me a few tries to get the fizz just right.  They say to give the button three “short” presses.  My idea of short was not giving me anything close to the fizz I wanted. I still do three presses of the button, but they are longer.  Longer presses will drain your CO2 faster, but it will give you the fizz you expect (unless you like lightly carbonated soda).

The flavors…I didn’t actually find any that I liked.  They were all a little off and not satisfying in any way.  I think the MyWater Essence Flavors were the best of the bunch but I will admit that we mostly use ours to make carbonated water that we throw lemons and limes into.  An acquaintance at my gym suggested making my own ginger syrup but I haven’t gotten around to it, I think there are a lot of fun flavors I could make at home that would be awesome.

I think my favorite things about the SodaStream are that #1- I am not bringing anything more to recycle into my house!  I really hate buying 1 serving bottles of water and juice (and rarely do) and this helps to cut down on that while still allowing us to enjoy the things that come in those bottles.  #2- It’s very easy to use and small enough to store out of the way.  Ours resides under the sink and comes out when we need it.  Bonus: it doesn’t need a power source!  You could totally take this camping and have fizzy water all weekend long.

If you like fizzy water or buy a lot of seltzer to mix drinks I would definitely take a look at this product.  I would skip the flavorings though- they honestly leave a lot to be desired.


Disclosure: I was provided a SodaStream for the purpose of a review.  All opinions are my own.

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