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Post Walk Brain Dump

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Saturday we had the Fraser Walk for Autism.

This was the first “event” that we’ve participated in since the boys diagnosis in December 2010.  Everything else was a bit too soon but this year, we were ready!

I’ve never been a fundraiser and I was a little be apprehensive about setting a goal at double the suggested minimum team donation, but I figured we could scrape together $300.  I chose $300 because the cost of an initial evaluation at Fraser (not the medical eval, the get you in the door and explore eval) is $150 and since we’ve got two guys there  it only makes sense to raise enough to cover two evaluations.

Well, we covered five and some change!  Up until last week I was one of the top fundraisers, not something I expected at all.  In total they raised over $75,000.  So that was pretty awesome.

Thank you to everyone who donated on behalf of Team Clotfelter.  Family, friends, people I have never met in my life.  I am so grateful we were able to give that back.

So, the walk.

It was good.  We got there and the first thing I thought was “which kids have ASD?”  It was different to be around so many families just like ours where our kids and their quirks don’t stand out quite so much.  It was a good feeling.

I had one little break down.  Well, *almost*.

Before the walk they had some dancers from a local dance school preform.  It was great, Lincoln was laughing and clapping through each dance.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw one dance getting ready, she had Downs.  I thought that was pretty cool.  When her group was called up the announcer talked about how this group of dancers was made up of 20+ special needs girls (Downs, ASD, CP etc.), some who had been dancing together for 12 years and their partners- other girls their age.

Turn on the water works.

It was just so awesome to see pre-teen and teenage girls spending their free time to help these girls enjoy something like dance.  I have to say I don’t think 14 year old me would have done that given the opportunity.  Of course we were in the very front so I was begging Yogi Dad to tell me something funny so I could pull it together.

I have a feeling there will be moments like this at all the events we attend over the years.

The walk itself was fun- it wasn’t a 5K or anything.  It was just walking around the 1st floor of the Mall of America and they had booths set up along the way.  The boys got to hold a bunny from a therapy animals group on their lap.  Lincoln looked at the handler and said “Does this bunny have eggs?” (I think the Easter Bunny book has really left an impression!).  Then we met a Peep from the Peeps store (another big hit with Lincoln).  And then we ended at the sensory booth put on by their therapists at Fraser.

That was probably the most fun of all- music, ball pit, art projects, bubbles.  And of course seeing their therapists outside of Fraser!  (Sorry for the blurry pic- Wyatt was a squirmy worm!)

Judah had fun too:

It was a good way to spend a morning.  I’m sure we will be back next year.

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