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The *Almost* Perfect Prefold {A Review & Giveaway}

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When I first started cloth diapering I was trying to do it on the cheap. Cloth diapers were really intimidating to me and even more intimidating was the price tag associated with a single diaper. I quickly settled on gDiapers and prefolds. I had registered for Diaper Service Quality prefolds to use as burp clothes and had a ton of them. I bought 2 gPants and a wetbag and we were in business. I washed every night and we stayed with that system until I started buying diapers when I was pregnant with Judah.

Almost 2 years- nothing but prefolds and and g’s (I did buy more gPants once we were sure we were on board).

I was pretty proud of myself! Compared to pockets and AIOs, prefolds are “hard”.

Except they aren’t.

They absorb! (Oh boy do they absorb.) They wash up easily! (I never had to strip a diaper until I introduced microfiber to the mix.) They are natural fibers (cotton or bamboo). (I really like having natural fibers next to baby’s skin.)

One thing that I never did was try out any of the name brand prefolds. Everything was working for us, I never had a reason to splurge on a dozen just to check them out. When I was buying diapers while pregnant with Judah I bought a dozen infant sized Indian prefolds (I had heard they were softer) for the early weeks and that was my first glimpse at the different kinds of prefolds out there.

OsoCozy Better Fit Prefolds

Recently I had the opportunity to try out prefolds from ClothDiaper.com made by OsoCozy. I was very excited about this as I love the OsoCozy AIO’s which are lined with the same material their prefolds are made with.

OsoCozy has quite a few different kinds of prefolds to select from:
– Indian, Chinese, Organic or Better Fit
– Bleached or unbleached
– Sizes (varies by style): Preemie, Infant, Regular, Premium, and Toddler

With all of those options, you are bound to find something that suits your needs.

Because I always use my prefolds in a trifold (I’m not a Snappi fan), I chose to go with the Better Fit in the Premium size. The OsoCozy Better Fit style is shorter than a regular prefold so you don’t have that odd inch or two to tuck under. This style is exclusively for those that use a trifold

Gerber DSQ Prefold, Infant Indian Prefold, OsoCozy Better Fit Premium Prefold

After prepping I started using them in place of my Indian prefolds. As inserts in my gDiapers, stuffed into Smartipants, pad folded into covers, as a doubler for overnights. They were trim as can be without that extra in the front. Perfect for daytime!

I was a little worried at first that I was going to miss that extra absorbency from the fold over, so far that hasn’t been an issue. For the most part I really love these prefolds. On top of being extremely absorbent, they are supper soft and they quilt up nicely when prepped.

I did waiver on whether to get the Toddler size or the Premium size as there is an inch of difference in the length and now that I’ve tried them, I really think I should have gotten the Toddler size. The Premium size works great in my gDiapers, but other covers they can shift down a bit and I lose a bit of coverage in the front.

OsoCozy Better Fit prefolds are 100% Indian cotton gauze weave material. They are lint free.

Here’s my break down:

Daytime Use: 5 Bums Up!
Overnight Use: 3 Bums Up!*
Ease of Use: 5 Bums Up!
Quality: 5 Bums Up!
Overall: 4.5 Bums Up!

I’m pretty happy to have another set of work horses on board.  nothing can compete with a  prefold (in my opinion) and I think they should have a place in everyone’s stash.

OsoCozy is going to give away a dozen Better Fit prefolds to one of my readers!  Check out my Current Giveaways page to enter.

Giveaway is open to US residents only.  Giveaway ends on May 2, 2012. 

Good Luck!

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3 Comments on “The *Almost* Perfect Prefold {A Review & Giveaway}”

  1. 1 Molly said at 11:40 am on April 18th, 2012:

    I love my prefolds too, for all the same reasons you listed, although I love my snappi too. I like the sized ones from Green Mountain Diapers., they fit perfectly in Thirsties Duo wraps, which fit my kids perfectly! I do also have fitted diapers for Dad and Grandma to use.

  2. 2 Justice Montgomery said at 1:07 am on April 20th, 2012:

    Prefolds were my first diaper. I LOVE THEM. I have DSQ's that we got off ebay for $1.66 each with free shipping. They are premium size, and I could have easily gotten away with infant size. When I first started using them with a snappi, they were big and bulky and the fit was wonky and I thought it would be a disaster. Then I discovered a better fold. Then the manufacturer of my favorite diaper cover, changed the trimness of her diaper in the crotch area, so I had to find a new fold….now they are even MORE trim than they were. We put our 1-2 inch fold over in the back, to catch any possible blowout mess that tries to shoot up the back, with a jelly roll. I've literally had poo on the leg edge of my cover TWICE with this method, in nearly two months and never up the back. That prefold flap saves me every time LOL

  3. 3 Brenda Sanchez said at 9:46 am on August 21st, 2013:

    Did you use the Better Fit prefold with the small or medium gdiapers, or both? I was thinking of using the Regular sized Osocozy prefolds (cut and sewn in half) for the small gdiaper and then the Better Fit as is for the Medium gdiaper. Is this a good idea?

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