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Ecostore USA {A Review+Giveaway}

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One of the things that can really throw you for a loop when cloth diapering is finding the perfect laundry routine.  It seems like everyone has a different combination of detergents and additives that they use to make their diapers come out clean, absorbent and stink free based on the quality of their water.  Recently the RDA has come out with a new washing routine.  Spoiler alert: the biggest change is to use WARM water rinses!  Who knew?

One thing I have learned in the past 3 years is that I definitely do better with a liquid detergent.  There was one powdered detergent that I loved and never had issues with (the rash issue I talk about was later attributed to Charlie’s Soap which we were also reviewing), but sadly that detergent is no longer available.  I reviewed that last summer and am happy to say loved every single scoop.

ecostore USA product review

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out the Ecostore USA laundry liquid and as expected, it did not disappoint.  My diapers have come out clean, they smell fresh (although there is no bleach-y smell like the powder had, which I kind of liked) and I haven’t had absorbency issues.

All in all I would have to say this is a great detergent for cloth diapers.

Ecostore USA laundry products

I was also sent the Ecostore USA Pure Oxygen Whitener.  Now I’m not big on additives and I know some people recommend not using oxygen whiteners or using them sparingly, but this really helped when Judah had a week long stomach bug.  It seemed like every time we thought we were in the clear and put him back in cloth, we had another diaper wrecker.  There were a few diapers that I was pretty sure would never be the same again!

I was happily proved wrong and you wouldn’t know they had been through the ringer thanks to a few washes with the Ecostore USA Pure Oxygen Whitener.

Buy It!

Ecostore USA is giving away a set of Liquid Laundry Detergent and Pure Oxygen Whitener to one of my lucky readers!

Check out my Current Giveaways Page for the listing.

The giveaway is open to US residents only and ends on 5/6.

Good luck and don’t forget to check out Ecostore USA!


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