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IEP’s, Dirty Dishes, and Sour Beer

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I am still recovering from this weekend.

Friday I went shopping in the afternoon and spent mot of my evening potting plants, baking brownies and drinking wine while Yogi Dad was at the baseball game.  I went to bed with the dishes piled in the sink and on the counter.

Saturday I had a funeral in the morning and then Yogi Dad and the boys met me and we drove to a family barbecue.  We got home long past the boys bedtime and collapsed into bed with dishes still piled into the sink.

Sunday we had a fairly lazy day (of trying to catch up on the dishes in the sink) but I ended the day with my big grocery shopping trip (where Target owned me big time) and then I finished out the night with a handful of blog posts, a massive pick-up of the playroom and a little Facebook action.  You guessed it…there were still dishes in the sink.

Today we had the boys IEP meeting and as usual, I have absolutely nothing to complain about.  I seriously think we hit the jackpot here and I hope our luck continues.  I am super excited for next year when the boys will be in separate classrooms.  They have only been apart on one, maybe two occasions and I am interested to see how they react to being split up.  It’s not like they play together, so I don’t think there will be any anxiety about being apart.  Only time will tell.

After the IEP meeting Yogi Dad and I went to a favorite brew pub for an early dinner and a beer.  I am quickly falling in love with sour beers- it’s like beer for wine drinkers and it’s so light, fresh, crisp and just generally amazing.  I’m going to have to start actively looking for these when we stock up for the summer.  Total yum.

My dishes (well, not the same ones from Friday) are still piled int he sink and calling my name, but I have some things to do tonight- mainly finish up my review of the Bum Genius Freetime for the big cloth diaper giveaway hop that starts tomorrow!  After that?  I might just collapse into bed 😉

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  1. 1 Lori Whitlock said at 8:15 pm on April 30th, 2012:

    Sounds like a great weekend!
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