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Playroom Revamp: Phase 1 | The Slacker Mom

Playroom Revamp: Phase 1

by Erin Clotfelter on 04/30/2012

When we moved into our house we were really excited about the bonus room in the basement.  It was perfect for a playroom.  It was big, it had carpet, it had a nook under the stairs to hang out in during storms (which we got well acquainted with on the day after we moved in).  We were really excited to finally have a place to put all the boys stuff and get more organized.

And then it rained.  And flooded.  And rained and flooded and rained and flooded and even after we had new gutters put in and the basement was dry, we were skeptical that this room was going to be anything more than a dumping ground for our stuff that didn’t have a place.

But we needed a place for the boys to go.  They were going stir crazy upstairs and I was going even crazier as they were able to get through every single child proofing mechanism imaginable.  I was stressed.  They were wound up.  The house looked like a bomb went off 24/7.

Something had to give.

So we started to reconsider the bonus room.

Of course, with the boys, we needed everything to be accessible but also kind of put away, hidden.  They are easily distracted and if they have too many options they end up sitting in a big pile of toys and nothing is really being played with.  I don’t want to go back to that!

ClosetMaid Cubeicals

So we started looking at our storage options.  Number one on our list was some sort of shelving with bins and ClosetMaid Cubeicals fit the bill.  The shelving units were sturdy, the fabric bins came in the colors we were looking for (primary) and it was all readily available in stores and easy to put together.

We went with two 6 Cube Organizers and one 8 Cube Organizer.  I wanted a fairly low-profile shelving system since the boys love to push things over to hear the crash.  For reference, our living room currently has a couch, a chair, an ottoman, a trampoline and two bean bag chairs.  Everything else has been removed because the temptation to tip it over is too great.  Thankfully the Cubeicals come with a piece that tethers the unit to a wall but we haven’t done that just yet- we want to make sure everything is right where we want it first.

ClosetMaid Cubeicals

Once the cube organizers were built (a team effort between Yogi Dad and myself although that was mostly so we could get them done quickly) I was able to get down to the actual organizing.  Some of the shelves have bins, some are open for items that don’t fit into the bins or items that already have some sort of container.  I don’t know about you but I really love sorting toys.  It’s sort of therapeutic in a way and it’s so easy when there is a place to put everything.

Once we had everything set up, we let the boys have at it.

The verdict?  They LOVE it!

It’s all we hear now:

“Wanna go downstairs?” ~ Wyatt

“Want to go UPSTAIRS?”~ Lincoln (You gotta love it!)

“Down. Play?”~ Judah

Phase 1 of the playroom revamp

I have such big plans for this room!  Vinyl decals (Eric Carle designs) and chalk paint have been purchased as well as supplies to make a few cute crayon inspired art projects for the walls.  We’ve set up a reading nook under the stairs and I need to get some primary colored sheets for the mattresses to bring it all together and then get some big pillows.  I need some sort of lamp shades for a couple of bare light bubs, labels for all of the bins (still trying to figure out the best way to attach them) and then a really good cleaning around the windows which are currently housing the majority of the plants in our house and I think we’ll be all set!

I really have to thank ClosetMaid for helping to make this happen.  They provided the Cubeicals and fabric bins for phase 1 of this playroom revamp and I couldn’t be happier with how things are starting to evolve in this room.  I love it, the boys love it.  We’re starting to get away from our “toy soup” days and they are even starting to help pick up when we sing the clean-up song.  So far this playroom is full of win!

Cubeicals can be purchased from the ClosetMaid website, through Amazon or you can find them in-store at Target.

Follow my Playroom Revamp Board on Pinterest and stay tuned for the next phase of the Playroom Revamp!

Do you have a designated playroom?  How do you keep organized?




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