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And then they dropped all the branches on my garden. | The Slacker Mom

And then they dropped all the branches on my garden.

by Erin Clotfelter on 05/07/2012

So, remember that post from yesterday where I talked about all the work we did in the yard despite the tree coming down on Friday?

Well, the power company came out today to remove branches from around the power lines and although it was really fun to watch them up in the cherry picker, they apparently don’t work as cleanly as the city does.

Last summer we watched as the city came and took down an Elm tree across the street from us.  You could barely tell they were there after they were done.  I assumed this is how it would go today.

Not so much.

The roof of the garage is littered with branches.  Our yard and driveway are covered.  I can’t really see my straw bales but I am hoping they are still standing!

It sounds like the tree service will be tasked with taking care of the debris, which is fine.  I totally understand that the electric company isn’t in the business of disposing of trees as much as it’s in the business of making sure their wires are in tip-top shape.

I just really hope once this is all over it looks like no one has been here!

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