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I Can See!

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Holy cats.

It’s been a very long time since I had my eyes checked. Like, an embarrassingly long time. Every time we get our family pictures taken or we go on a trip I think about how my eyeglasses are still the same ones I have been wearing for years. It doesn’t really factor into my day-to-day, but those special occasions where I know cameras will be out it dawns on me…I might need to update my look a bit.

So on Saturday I finally had my eye exam and ordered some new frames. Lovely. I can’t wait to go pick them up. Thankfully my eyes haven’t changed to dramatically in the past 7 years. There it is- 7 years since my last exam. Gah that’s a long time!

Now you would think picking out frames would be the hardest part of the ordeal but I tell you, I shop like a man. I kind of zeroed in on a pair, found a few more, tried them all on, and then ended up going with the first pair. Like I said. I shop like a man. It helped that they are almost identical in shape to the ones currently wear, so I know they work with my face.

I seriously can’t wait to pick them up (I’m crossing my fingers for Thursday).

One of the things that has changed in the years since I last purchased glasses was the ability to buy frames, (fairly inexpensively) online. You’ve been able to buy contacts online forever, but this is pretty new. I always wondered how people were affording different frames for each day of the week and now I know! I could get a complete pair of women’s eyeglasses (frames and lenses!) starting at just $27. Seriously.

It kind of blows my mind.

So what about you? Have you ever purchased eyeglasses off of the internet? Are you a frame junkie?

If you are in the market you can save 15% off a single pair of eyeglasses using the code SLACKER15 at One Planet Glasses.

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