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I’m a Little Bit Addicted

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To online shopping.

The other day we were talking about ways to keep the budget in check and one of the tips I offered up was to unsubscribe from the daily deal sites and all of the stores that tempt you each day with their emails. For me it’s Gap, Gap, Soap.com and Gap. I can’t help myself and I really wish I could take my own advice on this tip.

Last week it seemed like the FedEx guy was dropping packages at my door every day. Although it was nothing super exciting (cleaning supplies, sippy cups), I love getting packages!

Instead of dumping online shopping altogether; if I need to buy something, the first thing I do is check to see if I can find either a really good sale or Online Coupon Codes. Because I do most of my shopping (except for groceries) online, I have the luxury of letting my fingers do the walking before I pull out my debit card. There is no reason to be paying full price. For anything. Ever.

I’ve been playing around with my very own Amazon aStore (check the link up top in my nav bar) and the fact that I can get a Coupon Code for Amazon is pretty exciting.

We’re trying to teach our kids smart finances and smart shopping, so we’ve been dabbling around with the GoHenry Card at http://www.gohenryreview.com. Check it out to teach your kids smart credit usage.

Another favorite site I check on a pretty regular basis is Zulily- I am a sucker for their brightly colored banner ads and if I see a company I love featured you can bet I’m going to be looking for Coupons for Zulily so I can get an even better deal!

Of course not all coupons are for online use only- I print plenty of coupons for my bi-monthly grocery shopping trips. Enough so that my super tight budget doesn’t feel so tight all of a sudden. Just a quick search will pull up a Promo Code for Kmart that will knock a nice chunk of savings off of your bill.

Do you have an online shopping “problem”? How do you keep it in check?


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One Comment on “I’m a Little Bit Addicted”

  1. 1 Jenn said at 2:33 am on May 14th, 2012:

    I love getting packages too!! 🙂
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