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Makin’ Meals with Mom

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Back before we had kids there were meal prep stores popping up all over the place.  It seemed like every week there was a new one opening, each had something different to pull you in to put together meals to make dinnertime seamless at home.  At the time it was just Yogi Dad and I and I had a hard time thinking about putting that much money down on a single meal.  We didn’t need a meal for 4-6 people.  We were only 2 people after all.

One day my Mom suggested that we go in on a session together and split everything.  It made sense.  My Mom is a foxy single woman with no need to feed 4-6 on a daily basis either.  But whether you are single or feeding a nest full of kids, you still want something healthy, easy and home made at the end of the day.  Splitting a session seemed like a great compromise.

Actually, our tastes in food are wildly different so there was a lot of actual compromising!  My mom leans towards the Mediterranean and Italian styles of cooking and we’re all about Asian and bold flavors.

After some talking about it, we decided to check out Let’s Dish!.  Boy am I glad we did!  4 years later and I am still a huge fan (and they seem to be the only meal prep store left!).  Apparently they have something the others didn’t have- lots of great recipes, great promotions and great options for getting their meals into your kitchen.

Last week I had the chance to dish with a couple of local bloggers: Jen from Life with Levi and Amy from Grinning Cheek to Cheek.

Photo courtesy of Let’s Dish!

Much to my dismay (and after plenty of fair warning from Let’s Dish! and my own experiences in the past) I got home to find my freezer was packed to the gills.  I couldn’t fit all of my meals in there so I decided I should keep one out for the next day and invite my mom over for dinner.

I had tried to make a few things I had never made before and they all sounded really good to me.  I wanted really easy though, so I made Honey Garlic Pork and Mashed Potatoes.

Besides being one of the easier meals to prep, it takes literally no effort to cook and it was ah-mazing.

Here were the steps from start to finish:


Let's Dish Edina

Open Ziplocs:

Let's Dish Edina

Dump Pork Roast into Slow Cooker:

Let's Dish Edina

Make Potatoes:

(I don’t have a picture of this and I’ll be honest, this took a little bit of effort because I made them on the stovetop vs the oven because it was really warm that day and I didn’t want to have the oven at 425 but I literally added a little butter and milk to the potatoes (real, not powdered) so they wouldn’t burn and heated them until they were hot.  But still…it was easy peasy)


Let's Dish Edina Honey Garlic Pulled Pork

Not bad for a Thursday night.

For me, Let’s Dish! will always make me think of my Mom because it was something we did together first.  Over the years I’ve done it mostly on my own but sometimes she has tagged along and we always a good time.

Let’s Dish! has giftcards that are GREAT for the mom’s in your life- remember Mother’s Day is May 13th!  If you are near a store, stop in and pick one up.  If you don’t have time you can always order one online and print it out.  One more thing…you can get 10% off your giftcard with the promo code GIFTFORMOM at checkout.  That’s like free cash!  Last minute shopping at it’s best!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Let’s Dish!.  All opinions are my own.

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