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My Sister. My Hero.

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This week on the Breastfeeding Blog Hop we are talking about our Breastfeeding Heros: the women in our lives who have pushed through less then stellar circumstances to be successful with breastfeeding and (or) our Breastfeeding Angels: the people we just couldn’t be successful without their support.


My Hero.

We all know how I feel about breastfeeding.  I hold it in quite high regard and believe everyone should try to do it for as long as they can.  Having been immersed in online mom’s forums (and thus advocates of every stripe) I figured everyone felt this way.

When my sister announced she was pregnant with her first child, I was ecstatic.  We would *finally* have something in common other than being from the same family.  We are drastically different, she lives far away.  I was really hoping that motherhood would bring us closer.

And of course, I figured she would look to me for advice on things that I thought were important, like breastfeeding.

Well.  Not only did she *not* look to me for advice, she wasn’t really into breastfeeding.  There were quite a few heated conversations about how she was only going to try and breastfeed while she was on maternity leave and how she didn’t think pumping was really an option because of her job etc. etc.

I couldn’t believe it.  I told her I would return the pump back that I got her and she may as well just use formula, why go through the possible struggles in the early days and weeks just to stop when it gets easier!  Alternatively, if it was easy, why would you just stop?  Didn’t she know that women (like me) would do anything to have an easy go at breastfeeding???

I was kind of a bitch.

Well, not even kind of.  I was a terrible breastfeeding advocate and I was a terrible sister.

So I just had to let it go.

When her daughter was born things actually went fairly well in the breastfeeding department.  She didn’t have the issues I had, she had some issues- an over supply, mastitis  and a fast let down for starters.  But she worked through them, she even got one of those Peekaboo maternity pillows so she was comfortable while she do it.  She called me when she had questions.  She sought the appropriate help from her pediatrician when needed.

And that 6 week maternity leave came and went.

And she kept nursing.

And she kept pumping.

And she kept nursing.

And although she’s a tiny little peanut, my niece is still a champion nurser.

And my sister is my breastfeeding hero.


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2 Comments on “My Sister. My Hero.”

  1. 1 JulieK said at 12:35 am on May 11th, 2012:

    Ah so sweet. I think this reminds ME that sometimes it's best to just let people do what they feel comfortable doing. I was like you, when I first started BFing and it was SUPER hard for me, I would get mad at women who "just stopped" b/c they "felt like it" when it had been SO easy for them. But… in the long run, it's not about people doing what I want or what I did, it's about us all supporting each other's choices… as you did when you decided to let it go! I am so glad it worked out for your sister though and that she felt like continuing! 🙂
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