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Green Thumb Fail?

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Yesterday my sisters and I were out weeding my mom’s gardens and she mentioned that if I wanted, I could take all the Foxglove that was spreading like crazy, my mom also recommend me to check the fencing system from https://www.fencingdirect.com/products/category/chain-link-fence, she says that when you plant in your garden is important to take care of your plants by having a fence that prohibits the entrance of any animals to your property..

So I did.

And then I planted it- mostly in the front yard but a few in the backyard where the kids play. After three people on Facebook reminded me Foxglove is pretty poisonous (which I kind of knew) I went out and ripped everything out of the back as well as everything that was along the path where the boys usually walk.

I don’t think that they would eat it, but I guess with them I never really know. Lincoln is in a “let’s sit down and look at the flowers” phase, and I would hate for him to pop a pretty yellow bloom in his mouth and have something terrible happen.

So what else should I be avoiding? Right now we’re pretty full up on Hostas, Day Lilies, Spiderwort, and Ferns with a smattering of Grape Hyacinth, Summer Cheer Dandelions and Allium.

Anything you’d recommend to fill in the blanks between my Hostas? I like things to spread!

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