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Holy S%*& Balls

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Tomorrow is the last day of school.


Let me say that again in case you didn’t hear me the first two times:



It kind of snuck up on me.

Apparently even though Minneapolis public schools get out later than everyone else in this fair state, I can still be totally unprepared for the end of the year.

Last week I was day dreaming about the end of the year gifts for their teacher and therapists and aides and then all of a sudden it was Sunday night and my plans to get crafty via Pinterest so I could bring their gifts to their end of the year party tonight were looking dismal.

With the help of one Great Aunt (who is pretty great) I was able to whip out these cuties without a moment to spare:

Thanks for Helping Us Grow flower pots

I am not that crafty to begin with, so I am kind of impressed that we pulled this off.

So, tomorrow is the last day of school.

All year long I kind of convince myself that the year just isn’t going to end, that we’ll have the same teacher and aides forever and it will always be great.  Not that I’m concerned about their new teachers and aides.  It’s just hard to shake things up when they are going so well.

Now we have a few weeks before summer session starts.

Which means the past 2 weeks of gym going might get all messed up again.

See, I didn’t go to the gym for like a month.  And then I started going again and it’s been awesome.  I even managed to maintain the weight loss I had up to that point.

Yogi Dad and I have even got aspirations to do the Fraser Triathalon next July (relay style- anyone in the metro want to be our biker in 2013?).  I met some pretty convincing women in the locker room the other day and not only were they very complimentary of my swimming, they both live fairly close and one has an adult son with autism.  I feel like I struck gold!  Even if they are much older than I am.  It’s nice to put names to faces in the pool.

We have had out of town visitors for 10 days now.  It’s going pretty well.  I wish I would have taken some picture of all the home improvement/ fixes that Yogi Dad’s dad did for us while he was here.  It was awesome.

I think the biggest thing would be finishing off the fence and blocking off the garden from the kids.

Everyone is contained!

They aren’t pulling all my plants up!

We also got the best compliment I could ask for from the neighbor across the street.  HE said he hasn’t seen our yard look this good since the 70’s.

Considering we have no idea what we are doing and we are pretty much starting from scratch, I’ll take it!

On a different note.  My cat is a killer.

A killer of baby bunnies and a collector of dead birds.

She started getting out last week and now thinks it’s her job to roam the neighborhood and bring me presents.

I about had a heart attack when she cam prancing down the sidewalk with that baby bunny in her mouth.  She, of course, couldn’t have been prouder.

13 years old, never been outside for more than a few hours when she escaped a few years ago and now she’s going all out.


I should probably get her a big bell for her collar.


I should probably wrap this up and head to bed.  Anyone catch Mad Men last night?  I kind of saw that coming.  I can’t wait for next week.  On the other hand I don’t want this season to end!

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3 Comments on “Holy S%*& Balls”

  1. 1 Marc Trace said at 9:10 am on June 7th, 2012:

    Really You're great. I think, your mentality is very nice with creativity. I like you.The picture of flower is cute as like your soft mind,Thanks for sharing.
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  2. 2 Marta28 said at 12:21 pm on June 7th, 2012:

    Mad Men was crazy. I did not see Peggy coming, but yes, I suppose I did see Lane coming. Just not quite the way it came. How's that for vague should anyone read this who hasn't seen it?

    I hope being out of school has been going well and you've had some time to swim!

  3. 3 Franziska said at 11:45 pm on June 7th, 2012:

    A big bel for a collar is such a cool idea! She won't get lost again, you'll always here where she is! Brilliant!
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