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Bizzing Bea and Peachy Green {A Review}

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Cloth Diaper retailers from Minnesota

About 6 months ago I found the most amazing group of cloth diapering moms ever on Facebook. Through that group I have met some great local WAHM’s who make fab diapers as well as some great local retailers. The Bizzing Bea Baby Emporium (AKA The Bizzing Bea) is run by a great mom I’ve met through the group (although she’s since migrated east to Wisconsin!).

The Bizzing Bea has a nice little selection of diapers and kid oriented stuff. From Giggle Life bamboo pockets to Peachy Green AI2’s- you’ll probably find something you want to check out there. This month is Trisomy 18 Awareness Month and that is something that Ali (the owner of The Bizzing Bea) holds near and dear to her heart. Until the end of the month, 10% of all profits will go to the Trisomy 18 Foundation.

The Review

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a Peachy Green diaper for awhile now. They seem to get a lot of buzz in cloth diaper groups and I absolutely love side snapping diapers. Not that it stops my boys from taking them off, but the fit is always trim and it just creates a nice profile under clothes.

Peachy Green from Bizzing Bea

Daytime Use:
The Peachy Green OS AI2 with a bamboo soaker (sold separately) was great for daytime. It did tend to get a little wet if I went too long between changes, but no more wet than any other diaper with a single insert, so I still give it a good rating here.

Overnight Use:
This was not a great overnight diaper for us. Which I’ve come to learn is absolutely fine. Not all diapers can withstand 12+ hours of wetting, this would fall into that category. Because it is so trim, there isn’t a lot of room to add a ton of extra absorbency either. I added a couple of doublers I had laying around, one bamboo and one hemp and it still was completely soaked by morning.

Peachy Green OS AIO from The Bizzing Bea

Ease of Use:
I find side snaps to be very easy to use. I know not all parents feel that way. If you love side-snaps, you will find this diaper very easy to use. The insert has multiple settings so you can get our extra coverage right where you need it, this was easy to figure out as well.

I thought this was a great diaper overall. Overnights aside, I have learned that different diapers shine in different areas and this is a GREAT daytime diaper. The trimness, the ease of use, the lovely prints all combine to make me really love this diaper.

Have you tried Peachy Green diapers? Do you love them?

Do you want to buy one? Do you want to WIN one?

Be sure to check out my #SummerCloth giveaway- one lucky winner will win 4 diapers. The event ends at midnight on June 30th, so get your entries in soon!

Disclosure: I was provided a diaper for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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