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Awesome Blossom Cloth Diaper {A Review}

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There is something about making the decision to cloth diaper that usually has people in knots. Especially if you are choosing cloth diapers as a cost saving option. The issue is the up front cost of starting a stash. When you use disposables, you usually get a mountain of diapers from your showers- people *know* you need diapers and are happy to add a box to their gift.

But what about when you are using cloth? People don’t always see the value in adding a cloth diaper to their gift. It’s one diaper…for the same price as what they would have spent on a box of 124! So often cloth moms are faced with building their stash on their own. You an see why the up front cost can seem high.

Thankfully there are companies like Awesome Blossom who sell their diapers in packages (enough diapers for a day or 2) at a cost that is reasonable and easy to swallow.

Awesome Blossom  cloth diaper review

I was excited to try out the Awesome Blossom pocket diaper and see how it stood up to other diapers in my stash.

Daytime Use: I found this to be a great daytime diaper, although it did only come with 1 microfiber insert. I had to make sure I was on top of changes as they happened and it was not a diaper I could use for car rides of any kind- my boys are known to have leaks in the car and a single insert was not going to cut it.

Awesome Blossom pocket diaper

Nighttime Use: Pockets with 2-3 inserts always leak for our heavy wetters, I didn’t even attempt this diaper sold as-is. Of course if you have a smaller baby or an infant who isn’t known to be a heavy wetter, you might be just fine.

Ease of Use: This is a basic pocket- easy to stuff (although it only has one opening) easy to put on. I like easy, most of my favorite diapers are easy and no-frills.

Overall: I think this would get more mileage if it came with more than one insert. Most pocket diapers today come with 2 inserts which are much needed as your child grows. Of course if you already have a stash of inserts, you might like not having another insert to add to the pile! It is an overall good diaper, I have no complains other than the single insert issue. Which may not be an issue for you.

Buy it!

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Disclosure: I was provided a diaper for the sake of a review, all opinions are mine.

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