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Dinner on the Fly

by Erin Clotfelter on 07/02/2012

Today it was around noon when I remembered that I should probably figure out what to serve for dinner.  I’m usually all over having a list of meals on the freezer door so I know my options, but one of the short people who lives here decided to annihilate my notepad and I can’t remember what was on the list.

So, I shot from the hip.

I know we had tacos on the list at some point- so I had all of the extras for that.  I though chicken sounded good instead of beef and I had half a bottle of lime vinaigrette in the fridge from our beet salad a few weeks ago.  I also had a few red onions and a green pepper.  My first thought was fajitas.

I tossed about 10 chicken tenderloins, the sliced pepper, and onions into a bag with the dressing and let it marinade for like 4 hours.  When it was time to put together dinner I pulled out my grill pan, cranked the heat to high and got to grilling up the chicken and veggies (which I drained all the extra marinade from).  I also sauteed some sliced fresh jalapenos in butter, cut up a couple of avocados and a head of Romaine lettuce and threw it on a cookie sheet.  The lettuce and avos got hit with fresh lime juice and the avos got some salt.  I chopped the chicken and veggies as they came off the grill pan and added them to my make-shift tray.  I also put salsa, cheese and sour cream on the table.  We only had a couple of tortillas left so I heated up some taco shells in the toaster oven.  I think Yogi Dad may have made his into a salad.

This is what I set on the table.  It was awesome.

Fast chicken fajita recipe

What did you have for dinner tonight?

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