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4 Fun Ways to Spend Time With Your Children

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As I get my act together now that the boys are in school for 6 hours a day, I promise here will be more frequent blogging from me in the coming weeks and months.  Today I bring you a guest post from Sam Peters with some great ideas for spending time with your kids!


When parents spend time with their children the whole family benefits from the shared bonds and memories that are created. Adding a competitive element to family activities can enhance the benefits for the entire family by incorporating social skills such as teamwork and leadership into the activities. Creating exciting games for parents and children to play together is simple and only requires a small amount of ingenuity to be mixed with some common household products that will enable everyone to get involved in the excitement of family fun.

Cooking Tournament – For parents and children who enjoy cooking, a bake-off can be held among family members to determine who makes the most delicious dessert or main dish. While older children can compete separately by creating their own special dish, younger children can pair off with an older adult or sibling in order to participate. Extended family members, neighbors and friends can all be recruited to participate as judges with the winner of the event being able to choose the next location for a family outing.

Backyard Pool – Parents can enjoy the lovely weather of the season with their children by planning for a backyard inflatable pool. Pools are always fun, especially during the summer, and are beloved by children and parents alike. Make the pool the focal point of your weekend relaxation and plan fun games and activities that you guys can play together. Just remember to apply and reapply sunscreen!

Miniature Golf A miniature golf course can be easily set up in a backyard by digging a few holes that children can aim for when putting a golf ball. Each hole can be lined with a plastic or tin can in order to help children to retrieve their ball. Parents can make the game even more exciting by creating obstacles for their children to maneuver their ball through. These can include cardboard tunnels made from boxes or ramps created by placing spare boards on an incline.

Family Olympics No matter how old or young a person may be, no one can resist the excitement of a relay race with the entire family. Parents and their children can create an Olympic arena in their backyard in which they can take turns racing each other and attempting special events such as the long jump. For added fun, gold medals created as an arts and crafts activity can be handed out to each family member at the end of the special event.

Playing games with children is a great way for parents to reinforce concepts such as taking turns and helping others. When family members play together, they can build long-lasting memories of the fun that they had while participating in exciting games at home.

What are some activities you do with your kids?

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