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Mom’s Night Out: Dad’s on Duty {Let’s Dish}

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Hey there!  today we’ve got a guest post from my very own husband aka Yogi Dad!  I figured he would be a great person to talk about Let’s Dish (we all know *I* love it) since it’s so great for Dads and caregivers, it just makes dinner so simple.


So my wife had an event a few weeks ago and I was in charge of the boys the second I stepped in the door.   I don’t have any issue watching the boys.   I’ve done all day with them many times and had no problems.   Breakfast isn’t difficult, I’ll throw them some waffles with peanut butter.   For lunch its PB&J’s or nuggets and tots.  The key here is that they are easy things with no prep work.

I like to cook but my area of expertise is usually around simple things like barbecuing or things that have relatively few ingredients.   Also, when I cook, I usually have the benefit of my wife or someone else wrangling the kids so I can focus on what I’m doing.

Trying to make a decent dinner when its just the boys and I is another story.

On one hand I want to make a decent dinner that isn’t macaroni and cheese or hot dogs  but on the other hand, its really hard to cook when you have three little people running around destroying things like its their job.  (Have you met my kids?  They excel at destruction.)  Meals can be pretty overwhelming to say the least and I really didn’t want to pull the trigger on ordering pizza or getting McDonalds.

This is where Let’s Dish comes in.

Let's Dish meal prep

When you go to Let’s Dish, you (or in my case, my wife) do all the prep work in advance so all you really have to do is cook it when you are ready.  We chose the Cannelloni Bianchi.   It is an old favorite of ours.  Cannelloni noodles stuffed with ground beef, ham, and a spinach ricotta cheese mixture and topped with a great Alfredo sauce.

Everything was frozen and the only real work I had thawing out the Alfredo sauce and putting the cannelloni in the oven.   I still can’t believe how easy it was.   I just put the cannelloni in the oven and waited the designated time.  When the timer went off, all I had to do was pour the Alfredo sauce on the cannelloni and sprinkle Parmesan on it.   After another 15 minutes in the oven, it was ready.  It was delicious and the perfect meal for a night on my own with three kids.


Thanks Honey!  Seriously- the only bad part about him cooking Let’s Dish meals when I’m gone is the fact that *I* miss out and Cannelloni Bianchi has been a favorite of our for years.  It was still great reheated though!

What do you leave for meals when you are away for the day?  Have you ever tried Let’s Dish for when you have a babysitter or other caregivers at home who might not be able to juggle the kids and dinner at the same time?

This post brought to you by Let’s Dish.  All opinions are mine (and my husband’s).  We are 100% in favor of  Let’s Dish and have been happily enjoying their services since 2008.

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  1. 1 Slater Crosby said at 3:51 pm on October 2nd, 2012:

    Great post, as a father of 3 daughters I love the idea of using Let's dish. We have wheat and dairy issues and they are able to accomodate our dietary needs.
    My recent post ValleyScare

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