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Tis the Season

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I either love or hate gift giving.  If I have a great idea or theme to go off of I get excited and go all out.  If I have no ideas and no money, I tend tomail it in.  Here are some helpful hints for gift giving going into the holiday shopping season (less than 80 shopping days left!) from my favorite guest poster, Sam Peters.

Spread the Holiday Cheer from Home

Picking out the right gift for a family member or friend is not always an easy task. Even if you know your loved one well, you may have a difficult time finding just the right item to give them. During the holiday season, it’s even harder to spend time searching for the best gift. Choosing gift baskets for the upcoming holiday season may help you take the stress out of the gift-buying process.

Gift Basket Options

In the past, many gift baskets were limited to flowers. However, modern gift baskets can include candy, fruits, toys, stuffed animals, crackers, wine and more. It’s easy to find a gift basket that features your friend’s or loved one’s favorite snacks. Most gift baskets are built around a particular theme. For example, if your friend loves going to the spa, you can give her a gift basket full of lotions, luxury soaps and other skin care products to give her a spa experience at home.

A Non-Traditional Gift

Gift baskets make an especially attractive choice for people who wish to give a loved one a non-traditional gift. Although most of the contents of your gift basket won’t last through the holiday season, you will be giving your loved ones something fun to enjoy and remember. Your gift basket can bring a surprised smile to the recipient’s face. Few people expect to receive a basket of beautiful blooms during the holiday season. Your loved ones might even turn your gift into a holiday centerpiece for everyone to enjoy.

Perfect Gift for the Holidays

For people who live far away from home, gift baskets work great as a special present for distant loved ones. Gift baskets allow you to give your family back home a perishable treat or fresh flowers during the holidays. If you have a busy schedule, especially during the holiday season, gift baskets can help you save time as you shop for your other gifts. If you order a ready-made gift basket, you won’t have to deal with packing and shipping the gift basket yourself. You can expect your order to arrive fresh and ready for people to enjoy.

A Smart Choice

Some gifts have the potential to backfire on the giver. For example, purchasing clothes and jewelry without knowing the receivers size can create a return headache. You might accidentally pick something that the recipient already owns. A gift basket, however, usually consists of perishable flowers or food that anyone can enjoy.

Gift baskets are also a great choice for individuals you don’t know very well. Many gift baskets offer a wide range of products, making them a safe present for just about anyone. You can choose a non-specialized gift basket, such as one containing a collection of bright flowers or popcorn, for your work colleagues or other acquaintances.

Gift baskets make an excellent present for any occasion, especially during the upcoming holiday season. With a gift basket, you can show your love to your faraway family and friends.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?  Have you finished?  What is the best gift you have purchased so far?

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  1. 1 Marta said at 9:49 am on October 15th, 2012:

    Honestly, I won't think that we should think about gifting and buying presents 80 days before the holidays, by the way I know it helps the social economy…
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