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Unusual Presents for Fall

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I’ve been feeling kind of stressed the past week or so.  So much to do!  So many things happening!  When I get stressed I like to spend money.

Good thing I don’t have any money to spend!

Instead I will do some online “window” shopping.  Mindlessly filling up my shopping carts and abandoning them all over the internet.  Creating a gift registry of all of the replacement pieces to bring our dishes and glassware back up to snuff after 10 years of marriage and 3 tornadoes children. You should try it sometime.  It’s FREE, and it’s nice to let your mind drift aimlessly around.

If you are in the mood to shop for real though, here are some great Fall gift-giving tips!


Fall is a wonderful time of year. The trees have bright, beautiful colors. A whole bunch of holidays fall during the season. Not to mention all the pumpkin goodies that get made while the trees shed their leaves.

So if someone’s birthday or wedding falls during Fall, it’s natural to want to get them something to reflect the season. But not something too tacky or typical. So let’s count down some of the best presents you can get a man, woman or child during Fall!


3. A Custom T-Shirt Of course you can get someone custom clothes any time of the year, but getting someone a custom t-shirt for the fall can be a great gift. Make sure to personalize it with Fall colors and symbols.

2. A Mug Or Glass There are plenty of beautiful glasses and mugs around during Fall, why not get one as a gift for your boy?

1. Pumpkin Liquor It’s often considered hard or rude to buy your own ‘gimmick liquor’. Buying it for someone else can be a great gift though.


3. Fall Apparel Getting a beautiful tablecloth, blanket or other such item can be a great way for a woman to make their house look both beautiful and festive.

2. Holiday Clothing Clothing decorated for Halloween or Thanksgiving are both cute and give a woman a way to show off how excited they are for the occasions. Socks and underwear in particular can be worn all year round and are extra adorable.

1. Seasonal Ornaments Getting some fall decorations and the like can really make the house look nice. Many places do great fall decorations and party favors, like Rumors.com.


3. Pumpkin Treats Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, pumpkin candy, there’s no shortage of fall treats to get the little ones.

2. Halloween Costumes Children love to dress up all year round. Even if it’s after Halloween, a child will love a costume to dress up in to parade around the house.

1. Seasonal Toys There are lots of cute Halloween toys and props for the children that they’d love.

There’s no shortage of things to get people for Fall, the only problem being picking just one! Hopefully this list has at least given you a few good ideas.

*Another great Guest Post from Sam!

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