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A Day in the Life at Casa de Slacker

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Sometimes it gets really overwhelming staying at home.  At the end of the day I look at what actually got done and it seems like absolutely nothing in comparison to what I have on my to-do lists.

Most days it *is* nothing!

But then when you break it down, there is a lot that gets done.  All of the little day to day things that you need to get done to get by: making meals, cleaning kids, dressing kids, cleaning up after messes big and small, getting everyone ready for naps and bedtime and on and on and on.  The little things.

Today I set out to photograph a glimpse of our life, every 30 minutes.  Pretty or not.  The picture taking fell apart around 4pm when we headed out to Target before dinner and my phone died.  Once we got home we were running to get everyone to bed, but it was a pretty typical day.


Judah woke up on the wrong side of the bed
and proceeded to throw himself all over the floor for the better part of 30 minutes.
It was awesome.

Not to be outdone,
Wyatt refused to wear pants, socks or shoes until I rustled up his “special page”.
Also Awesome.

Once the boys were safely on their way to school,
Judah and I got down to cleaning up a bit.
I started doing dishes and he decided to do laundry…
While the clothes were still on his body.

After dishes were done we took a quick break in the living room.
“Smile for the camera!” garnered me this gem.

After that we headed downstairs to play.
This is the dollhouse.
“Shut! (Open! Shut! Open! Shut!…)”

Judah tackled the train table while I attempted to clean up a bit.

When we were done downstairs we came up to start the actual laundry.
This is when I realized the recycling went down to the curb,
without the 2 boxes of recycling that were hanging out in my laundry room.

Once that was sorted out I threw together some brownies before I started lunch.
A post-Halloween favorite: Boxed brownie mix with all the chocolate candies chopped up and mixed in.
Except for things like Tootsie Rolls (Twistie Rolls!) Kit Kats and Twix.)

Snack time: Raisins and Feta Cheese.
Judah’s choice.
Not pictured: the coffee creamer and lemon juice I had been taking away from him all morning.

The boys only had Day Treatment today so we went out to wait for them on the porch.
Judah practiced pulling his pants up and down.
Over and over a again.
It’s a good skill to have.

The Squirrels are really having their way with the pumpkins.

Lunch: When he saw the hot dogs, Lincoln said:
“Octopuses Garden Hot Dogs!”
Yogi Dad has obviously been in charge of the bedtime songs lately.

After lunch, Judah went down for a nap and the other two went downstairs to play.
I hung out in my room and watched CNN until someone came looking for me.
About 30 minutes of uninterrupted “me” time.
For real this time.

Let’s not forget the man who makes this all possible!
Working from home today.
God bless flex time!

Me and my Wy.
Much happier than this morning.

A pretty typical sight at our house.
Trampoline. Check!
Standing on top of the furniture. Check!
Watching TV from the other room. Check!

I finally get around to emptying out backpacks,
and I found the Social Story for Lincoln’s upcoming hospital visit.
They have been fighting over it ever since.

Yogi Dad finished up his day,
and we decided to head out to Target to get some odds and ends before dinner.
I think this picture is pretty much my favorite picture of my husband.

At Target.
Notice Wyatt’s rolled up pants?
It’s the newest fad to sweep our house.

(This is where my phone started to die and things got crazy.)

We shopped.
We ate dinner.
We read “Lincoln goes to the Hospital” 10 times.
We got everyone ready for bed.

These are some pics I took in the pitch dark room while we were singing bedtime songs.

I’m not on Facebook all day like some people might think.
I don’t even touch the computer until after 7pm because I can’t get anything done anyways.
I have at least one child within 5 feet of me for all but that 30 minute time-frame after lunch.
It’s tough.
I won’t lie.
Sometimes I really need a break from the constant neediness of it all.

Now I need to pick up a little and take a long hot shower before I indulge in some Facebook .
It all starts again in 12 hours.



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2 Comments on “A Day in the Life at Casa de Slacker”

  1. 1 mommyofoneandcounting said at 9:13 pm on November 2nd, 2012:

    I love it! I should do this. John always asks what it is I do all day.

  2. 2 Jennifer said at 10:02 pm on November 2nd, 2012:

    G loves to run across the couches also. Climbing and jumping is a big thing here. He goes from couch to end table and anything else he can.

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