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Old Fashioned (Classic!) Gifts for Kids!

by Erin Clotfelter on 11/29/2012


Every single thing on this list has been a Christmas or Birthday request in our house in the past 4 years.  Lincoln Logs are actually the only thing Lincoln asked for his birthday.  (I’m guessing it has something to do with the name!)  I love getting back to the good stuff- no batteries, simple, fun, tried and true.



Old Fashioned Gifts For This Christmas

When kids think about the holidays, their thoughts immediately go to the latest gadget that has hit the market. Parents work tirelessly to buy hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of electronics for their children during the holidays. It’s what the kids demand, and so it’s what the parents supply. But what about taking a year to celebrate the small things? Christmas can be a wonderful time to teach your kids about feeling thankful and blessed for the things that you have: things like health and family instead of wealth and consumerism. Just because the holiday has turned into a sprint for the latest gadget does not mean that your holiday must revolve around that.

Take a year a bring your kids back to appreciating the important things by giving these old fashion gifts for Christmas this year:

Little Red Wagon

Nothing says  “old timey” like a little red wagon. This is a great gift for younger children. Once they receive this gift on Christmas morning, go outside and teach them how to use their imagination. Older kids can use it to sell things around the neighborhood. Younger children can pill their stuffed animals, or let you pull them down the driveway. With just a bit of imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Baseball Equipment

Technology makes it incredibly difficult to truly bond with your children. They get sucked into it and its hard to get them away from it. Buying baseball gloves and mitts for your kids is a great way to get everyone outside of the house. It’ll also be a great way for you to spend more time with your kids. Purchase gloves, mitts and bats for everyone in your house and have weekly family games.

Lincoln Logs

If you want to give you kids a taste of the past, consider purchasing a set of Lincoln Logs. These blocks were created in 1916 by John Lloyd and have entertained kids throughout several generations. With these toys, kids not only get to have fun building things, but their brains are engaged too. These blocks were the foundation of building blocks as we know it today. Your kids will spend hours playing and building various things with these blocks.

While your kids may not understand at first, giving them this kind of Christmas will change their lives forever. As they get older, they will grow more and more appreciative of your effort to teach them about the truly important things in life. Once you give them these classic gifts, it’s important that you spend time with them and teach them how much fun all of you can have together as a family.


This is another great Guest Post by Sam.  Check out her other gift giving posts!

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