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Shopping for the Person who has EVERYTHING!

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Having three kids close in age, I cringe at this time of year.  Not that I am ungrateful for the generosity of family and friends, but we are literally tripping over toys at our house.  I really have to think outside the box to figure out what to get them because there is really so little that they *need* and they don’t have any specific wants.  For instance, last Christmas my mother once again was the last person I had left on the shopping list. I remembered her talking about a picture for weeks that had a woman wearing a fur hat so I decided to go online to Fur Hat World and get her one. She never would have bought it herself and can I tell you she talked about that hat for months.  We all have people like this on our shopping lists, here are a few tips from my favorite guest poster, Sam!


Easy Shopping Solution The holiday season is recognized as being one of the most stressful times of the year. After all, everyone has a lot to do in order to prepare for all the festivities and celebrations. Whether you plan to attend events and host holiday parties or not, you will certainly be involved in some aspect of the traditional holiday rush and stress. For most people the goal of finding great gifts is a cause for stress. However, there is an easy shopping solution, like visiting Reviewtap.com for easy shopping. It’s The Thought That Counts We’ve all heard that it’s the thought behind the gift that counts. When you learn the thought process behind how to plan gifts you will always give meaningful gifts that will be remembered; this where the thought comes in. And believe it or not, this is a rather simple process. Once you get the hang of it you will never have trouble with gift ideas again. No matter who is on your shopping list, you can find a simple way to please them. As you consider each person think about the things that he or she likes, enjoys, or has an interest in. This gives you a starting point for finding the perfect gift. Consider What People Enjoy In some cases coming up with ideas about things that interest those people on your list will be extremely easy. For example, you may always see a friend or loved one reading. If someone is an avid reader you could purchase a membership to a book club or give a gift certificate to a favorite bookstore. Other ideas include reading lamps and unique bookmarks. Anyone into sports is likely to have favorite teams. Sports gear and sports memorabilia can make wonderful gifts. You can choose from a wide range of useful clothing items, such as jerseys, ball caps, and t-shirts. Other sports gift ideas include posters, signs, and other decorative items that depict the sport. Perhaps there is someone on your list that seems to have everything. Even so, this person will still have certain things in common with everyone else. For instance, everyone eats and drinks and everyone enjoys a long soak in the tub. If these are the only things you know about a person you can give a fabulous gift basket. Gift baskets can please just about anyone – except maybe kids. But the good news is, shopping for kids is easy. The reason, kids just want to have fun. So for a moment or two, put yourself in the mindset of a kid that is carefree and loves life. Think back to the days when you could play for hours with things like water toys and Nerf guns. Today that can be taken up a few notches with SplatMaster toys. These gifts will provide lots of fun and entertainment for kids and adults, launching fun-filled color pellets across the yard. In fact, you may want to consider buying one for yourself – they can be excellent for relieving tension and stress year round. The point is, gift shopping doesn’t have to be hard. Think smart and make shopping simple.

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