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Check One Two

by Erin Clotfelter on 12/11/2012

My sister and her husband (and my niece!) are coming home to Minnesota for Christmas.  Our visits are few and far between since I went to college out of state, way back in 1996.  In an odd turn of events, the year we moved back to Minnesota from Missouri was the year my sister and her (then) boyfriend moved to Kansas City to be closer to his family, and his band.

It’s interesting to hear about the life of a musician in a rock band.  The lifestyle is so foreign to me- putting your education and career aspirations on hold so you can travel when needed.  Waiting tables because it’s flexible work and you can pick it up when you aren’t on the road.

As someone who enjoys art and music very much, I admire people who can make a go of it in the various creative fields.  It’s not lucrative work by any stretch of the imagination and you really have to be willing to make sacrifices to do it.


Jobs for Aspiring Musicians

It is a struggle to become a musician, despite the influence of the Internet and all the independent music it distributes. Musicians are still struggling to become discovered in spite of their hard efforts. It requires more than simply knowing how to play and learning easy guitar songs.

Before they are discovered, every musician needs to find a way to put food on the table and rent an apartment or house. Side gigs can help, but they may be few and far between. In addition, promotion can only do so much. You need to focus your efforts on providing your essentials before anything else.

Singing and bass guitar lessons are great to get started, but there will come a time to sharpen up and expand your musical skill. Having at least a basic understanding is very beneficial. If you are already knowledgeable in the music industry, consider giving the lessons for a few extra bucks a month.

Musicians often branch into other creative outlets, such as acting. Acting on stage and in indie films is natural for musicians who love performing in the spotlight. This is also an opportunity for promotion. Musicians can look for these opportunities online and go to auditions prepared with headshots and resumes.

Some musicians take their creativity in another direction by designing clothing. Those with a true entrepreneurial spirit will blossom by getting involved in creating logos for shirts, sweaters and hats. It would also be smart to tie this into the music or band.

If you must be a part of the music scene, consider helping out some bands that are already making it. Not only will you make some money and have fun, but you might also make a few important connections that could help you out. You could work as a roadie or techie for a band in concert. If this just isn’t your thing, try working at as a DJ at local clubs around town. Some musicians even take to street performances for tips. Some famous bands and musicians have been discovered this way too.

You might also find it convenient to work from home on the Internet. Blogging is one way to make some money, though it takes time to build an audience and to establish strong, solid content. Monetization does not come easily, but it may be worth the effort. Plus, this is another chance to promote your music, and that is what matters the most.


Thank you to my favorite Guest poster, Sam, for reminding me that I need to get out there and see some shows!  Support the local bands that we love and have been completely neglecting since we had kids.  (Oh I feel so old!)



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