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Part-Time Blogging, Pinterest, and Pink Eye

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Pinned it, Did It

Over the past few months I’ve started blogging less.  When I get the bug to write, I do it over at Minnesota Mom, and everything else ends up here.  Up until this fall, I had my laptop on the dining room table at all times.  I could sit down and write whenever the mood struck me.  Then Wyatt removed half of the keys from my keyboard.  The laptop now goes to bed every night and sometimes I don’t take it out for days- little fingers are quick and sneaky, my space bar is still wonky and I don’t want to invite further issues!

I still get on the computer in the evening (and during little breaks during the day when Judah is napping or playing quietly and I am procrastinating because I hate cleaning.  In these moments, I get on Facebook, and now, more often, Pinterest, and some video games I play with the use of overwatch boosting I get online.

When I first joined Pinterest during the beta testing, I didn’t really get it.  I let it sit for almost a year.  Then I’d get on in 3 hour bursts and swear it off for a month because it was just too addicting and it never amounted to anything.  I pinned, yes, but I never actually cooked any of the things or used any of the tips.

Now I’m making an effort to add my pins to our daily life.

And it’s awesome.  Mostly.

I’m not super crafty Pinterest mom, so my “did its” are mostly cooking related.  And I’m cool with that.  It’s a far cry from the meals we would recreate out of Food and Wine in our pre-kid years, but it’s at least getting us out of our dinner rut, still I visit stores online as Ivy and Wilde homeware to find the best implements for cooking all the time.

Yesterday I made these Blueberry Cheesecake Popsicle Bites for snacks this week- they got rave reviews from everyone.  Total yum!  And yes, I know it was -7 degrees here and it’s probably weird to eat frozen snacks, but that’s how we roll.

For dinner I made  “Worlds Best Chicken Recipe” and Caramelized Brussels Sprouts.  The chicken tasted like honey mustard chicken.  I suppose if that is the greatest most earth shattering flavor your taste buds have ever tasted, then this is pretty good.  If you are expecting more than honey mustard chicken, try a different recipe.  The Brussels Sprouts on the other hand, were AMAZING.  We rendered down some bacon and used the bacon fat instead of olive oil.  Definitely going into our permanent rotation.

After the boys went down for the night I thought a nice soak in the tub before Downton would be a good idea.  I had pinned a recipe for an easy detox bath and thought that might be nice considering I’ve felt so incredibly gross after all this sickness that has gone through our house- colds, pneumonia, more colds, pink eye…I needed something refreshing.  I failed to notice that I really couldn’t use any fragranced soaps so washing my hair was out of the question.  It totally needs it.  Maybe this is a good chance to get onto the whole no ‘poo band wagon?

I also didn’t take into account that I needed to avoid eating and drinking post bath.  Well, who knows if it detoxed anything.  It felt great and that glass of wine with Downton was delicious.

Pink Eye.

We had it last spring.  It was here, it was gone.  It didn’t leave any lasting memories other than the fact that two of the boys had it and right now I can’t even remember which ones.

This time around two kids, plus me, have it.  I won’t lie.  It’s gross.

I cloth diapered three boys into toddlerhood.  I have been endlessly potty training three boys for months.  I have cleaned up my fair share of poop.  I can handle poop.  Compared to goopy red eyes, I welcome poop!  I am so ready for this to be over!  Fighting to pry open eyelids just sucks.  The endless laundry, cleaning all the toys, constantly monitoring little hands and faces and just knowing that Judah will probably have it soon…ick.

And while we’re on the subject, can I just say, thank GOD our pediatrician runs more smoothly than an Urgent Care?  When I took Lincoln in on Wednesday we were in and out within 15 minutes- no appointment.  Eyes checked, temp taken, ear, nose and throat cleared, diagnosis, prescription called in and instructions for what to do if the other two happened to get it (skip the waiting room, just call and we will call in an RX- I love them so much!).

I spent over 2 hours at Urgent Care on Saturday- 75 minutes waiting to be seen in the waiting room, then a 15 minute exam and medical history with a nurse, including a vision test (???), then I waited 30 minutes for a doctor who took one look at my eyes and called in a prescription.

Two hours for a two minute diagnosis.  My eyes were bright red and weeping shit all over the place and I had two kids at home with pink eye.  Why the drawn out exam? Oh and while I am on the subject of waiting, last week I waited exactly 97 minutes at an Austin cosmetic dentist for him to tell me that the dental work I wanted to have done was not covered by my insurance and would cost me $20,000. I’m not sure which was worse that or the pink eye. Lucky for me I have some really good friends. When I was telling them my dental dilemma over dinner and a few glasses of wine one of them reminded me that her Dad is a cosmetic dentist Richmond VA isn’t that far to go for a $13,000 savings. Plus, I get a little vacation with one of my best girlfriends and it will be kid free. Maybe things are looking up!

Thankfully Sunday more than made up for the crappiness of Saturday.

Off to watch the news.  I hear there was an inauguration today and I haven’t seen any of the footage.  I have to get caught up!


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3 Comments on “Part-Time Blogging, Pinterest, and Pink Eye”

  1. 1 Jessica said at 4:07 am on January 22nd, 2013:

    Thanks for the recipes I want to try out those popsicle bites. And we had ice cream last night so we are with you on the cold treats on cold days.

    Next time hopefully not anytime soon if you or the boys get pink eye and you KNOW that’s what it us. Go to a minute clinic at target or cvs. Target is consistently quicker than cvs but they are usually quicker than urgent care and not as spendy. It was only 75 out of pocket or covered by your insurance. I hope you can get rid of it though. Like I said too I will deal with poop and vomit before pink eye.

  2. 2 Sabine said at 2:05 pm on January 22nd, 2013:

    Life isn't easy with the toddlers, but it can be so much fun! And the huge amount of love and happiness you get from them every single day…
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  3. 3 Tara said at 5:17 pm on January 23rd, 2013:

    Haha I so am with you on the Pinterest thing… Well you are ahead of me by actually incorporating some pins into your daily life. 🙂 but I have an almost 3 week old.. That’s my excuse! But I can’t wait until I get a routine and can bing Pinterest pins into our daily life!

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